Japanese Prefecture IDN Domains are hot

Japanese Prefecture IDN Domains are hot

Picked up this week on DNJournal 8 of the 47 Japanese Prefectures were bought as a package deal by IDN Forums member Alphamale for $15,000. These domains are sought after because the dot jp equivalents are reserved by the Japanese Registry.

The sale of 東京.net started this uproar of domainers seeking country. city, & State domains in native languages with it’s sale of $10,000 by IDNForums member Rubber Duck (formally known as DWrixon).

There are still 36 Prefectures left in the dot com extensions. I believe IDNForums members actually own a large percentage of them. I myself own the IDN Domain for Kyoto Prefecture.

Let’s see where these sales end up in a years time.

(Article corrected originally 11 of 47 Prefectures was written but it was actually

IDN Domains at Domain Name Roundtable

IDN Domains at Domain Name Roundtable
IDN Domains will be presented for discussion at the Domain Roundtable this year. It’s really a 360 degree turn from last year when IDN Domains were totally ignored on domain sites, & now it’s regarded as the next domain goldrush.

But what will it bring for us who already hold large portfolios? The Domain Roundtable is not for the domain spectator it’s specifically for those in the field with the cash to put out for high end investments. Will those investors & business’ hire teams to wipe out the rest of the domains we (IDN Forum members) didn’t register yet? Will they just go straight to the source & buy out portfolios of those members who own 500 to 4000 premium Domains in various languages?

I posed this question on the forum & would extend the invitation for you to discuss potential outcomes.

You can read the prewriteup on the Domain Roundtable by Ron Jackson on DNJournal.com
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