Sedo Adds IDN Compatibility – Repost

Sedo Adds IDN Compatibility – Repost

Written on May 31st, 2006 in IDN Resources by Olney

Sedo has finally quietly upgraded their system to allow users to use IDN Domains. After adding your domains they still have to be confirmed by the system before fully resolving into your account.
It does seem like ads are being tracked by the keywords in the domain. My http://ロサンゼルス.jp/ Japanese for Los Angeles is showing ads for place & services in LA. Currently there is a race to create a parking service for IDN Domains since literally there are thousands of good domains not parked anywhere.

Now I’m just wondering which Domain Parking service will bid for my domain ドメインパーキング.com, net, & jp “Domain Parking”. Don’t take it personal guys it’s business…




1. おおばはん

意味: Lady

3. あかんや



Is Yahoo! Japan playing favorites with IDN Domains? – Repost

Is Yahoo! Japan playing favorites with IDN Domains? Repost

Written on May 26th, 2006 in IDN Market by Olney

Today someone sent me a link to this Japanese Blog.
It’s an SEO Blog that has noticed that Yahoo! Japan has perhaps changed it’s algorithm. The changed seemed odd to him but it seemed like the evolution that I felt all of us were gearing up for.

He noticed for the first time that in Yahoo! Japan searches were pulling up IDN Domains.

These are the terms he searched for


Then on my own I noticed for even being a huge train station
You search for Shibuya Station

& The IDN domain pops up as # 3 in the search…

I tried to tell people that the IDN Domains are going to have a strong value for SEO in languages…. Time to develop a few IDN Domains…

How long before iREIT starts to pick up IDN Portfolios? – Repost

How long before iREIT starts to pick up IDN Portfolios? – Repost

Since IDN Forums members currently hold the vast majority of Premium IDNs in multiple languages I’m wondering when an entity like iREIT will start to target this market. Recently iREIT acquired a portion of Nester’s domain portfolio but it is not apparent yet if their IDN Portfolio was included in this deal.

Many of us know that Nester has a vast amount of IDN Domains from drops through the years in multiple languages. Also these are pretty high quality domains from my remembering running through their portal in searching for Japanese IDNs.

Will iREIT use Nester’s data to consider whether or not to purchase more portfolios? Will iREIT in the future come directly to IDNForums members? I can personally say that most members have a variety of real premium generics in expanding markets. According to the report on DNJournal that the Yellow Pages of Canada bought a Portfolio of .ca of just about 400 domains for 2.5 million dollars. This makes you realize that an IDN Portfolio holder doesn’t have to have a few thousand to hold prime internet real estate.

The other situation is that members are swiftly evolving techniques & buying patterns other investors are getting wind that IDNs is the area to get into. Will they wait till the market saturates & they can’t buy portfolios or single domains for cheap prices? I got a feeling that some are already adjusting their budgets to acquire some IDN Portfiolios but who is going to be first to do it?

Also this info was taken from DN Journal’s Lowdown

Yoshimoto Hall

Yoshimoto Hallでオリエンタルラジオと番組をやってる。。。




Oriental Radio
Oriental Radio