Why do I choose development?

Lately I haven’t really taken the time to optimize my IDN portfolio at NameDrive. The portfolio does make a bit of money but instead of concentrating on optimizing I’ve been trying to buy content to develop domains.

I personally am not happy with restrictions in Domain Parking.

I’ve asked a few really normal Japanese people to look at default parking pages & I was surprised they thought they were error pages.

Not being able to backlink means you have to rely solely on typein. We all know this will rule will have to change after ie7 if you understand how typeins work.

Anyway I love the ability to tweak & link back to my domains plus control the content on it, & the links that’s on it.

With my portfolio even at a small minimum I am estimating I can create 200 sites that produce an average of $1 each a day (by the end of the year). This is only a small figure but if I fail I think I can still produce half by summer time.

Some may question if this is doable why not keep purchasing? After the first 100 to 150 you will see what produces revenue the best. I am on haitus until I have this data. Next month I’m hiring to create content on higher paying markets.

Of The Domain Registries in Japan what do they offer in terms of IDN Domains?

Of The Domain Registries in Japan what do they offer in terms of IDN Domains?

There is a massive surge this week of members at IDNF buying & selling IDN.ws but I am a bit concerned about after buying these domains what to do with them. I don’t want to down the extension since I myself own 2 Japanese dot CC 日本語ドメイン (Japanese IDNs)
転職.cc (job change)
就職.cc (employment)

& I own 3 dot TV
マンション.tv (Condo)
アパート.tv (apartment)
携帯.tv (cellphone)

The dot CCs were bought with the idea to see if they can rank for the keywords just like the jps I have. Both currently have poorly developed sites on them.

What about those buying Japanese keywords to sell them?
I took a look at the major registries that do offer IDN Domains to see what extensions do they offer to users in IDN.

These are the 4 companies I’m most familiar with for IDNs.

Onamae.com (GMO Internet)

Value-Domain.com (DigiRock, Digi-Rock)

Can register


Only Accepts IDN.jp

I keep thinking about Japanese end users or companies with my portfolio selection. Would my domain be something I would want to represent my company? If I look at it from the English point of view I never used a site that had the .ws etc. If it’s not offered in Japanese currently there is no guarantee Japanese users will get to know it’s available.

If you are like me with 600 or more domains spend the money to develop a few, I can read Japanese well but I can’t write professional articles. Even I started to buy content lately.