москва.com Russian IDN Domain Moscow sells for $16,000

There’s a plenty healthy discussion about this one on The Russia domain for Moscow changed hands & the price was a modest $16,000. The domain was sold on Afternic & it introduces a new aspect of sales not happening on IDNF or even by members of IDNF.

I also wonder who the actual buyer was. The Afternic system changed recently to allow Afternic member’s domains get more exposure by also being listed in Hopefully this gave a chance for more interested parties to acquire IDN domains, or purchase them in a setting they feel comfortable with. What ever the reason it was a good deal.

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Russian IDN Moscow Sold for $16,000
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Someone most of told them

I don’t reg too many domains lately, but I do browse a lot. I’m noticing a big increase in the number of Japanese registering IDN domains in the jp extension since December.

This chart shows the amounts of domains registered 

One of the differences that I’m also noticing is Japanese are buying & developing. I credit this to Yahoo! Japan, & seeing IDN domains in the SERPs (Search Engine Results). Before people were registering them but almost all of them went on the shelf.

Basically right now we are entering the buy & develop mode for Japanese.

Let’s see who comes up with the first major IDN site, will it come by this year? If it does I can guess which companies will follow next year with new IDN based sites.

The reality is IDNs mean nothing, no matter how good the technology is if the average person doesn’t know it’s available.

Rick Schwartz starts a public blog

Domain King Rick Schwartz starts a soon to launch public blog. Even for a short time I had a chance to be a member of his forum & realize there are domainers that grow their domain business towards different markets. Rick is geared towards the US corporate market but his way of business does give one ideas for the future corporate IDN markets.

Although personally I hate to admit it, I already know that anonymous comments will be shut off by the middle of next week.

if you want to take a look at it, it’s at

Good luck Rick, hoping to read more corporate domaining insights.