A nite with Tina Dam from ICANN

IDNForums members had a very big surprise when Tina Dam the director of ICANN’s IDN program joined to graciously answer questions by members.


One of the biggest concerns to IDN members is why does the media portray IDN Domains as coming out in 2008 when together IDNF members have at least hundreds of thousands of IDN Domains & even fully functional IDN based sites.

Questions like

IDNF member:BWHHISC Why is that there is little mention of the fact by ICANN that IDNs are “live and working” today within the existing internet system?

Tina: That is a mistake and not the intention at all. We are well aware of the IDN implementation at the second level of various TLDs. The experience from this implementation and use is what is driving the IDN TLD development. I will try to see if we can find a way to make this more obvious.I expect this to be one of the longest threads on IDNF

You can join the discussion at


And it’s a unanimous feeling of security in knowing that one of the biggest group of IDN investors may have their voices heard.

I miay have to post this on the Japanese social groups to see if I could get questions I might not have thought of.

Again IDNF says thank you TIna.

Yahoo’s Site Expolorer becomes IDN Domain compatible

Yahoo’s site explorer since about March had a bug where you couldn’t explore sites developped with IDN domains nor could you even add them to your site list. The intial workaround was just to include your site with punycode instead of using the native unicode characters.


Since the reason update the way to input an IDN domain is just simply to put the domain in it’s native characters
for example

Now you can just write your domains in Russian, Chinese, German, Japanese, Korean or whatever. Existing domains in punycode are ok but with this addition I found it doesn’t accept new sites punycode well anymore.

Who needs punycode anyway, I’ll be glad when all programs make Native language seemless with new applications.