What does Reserved .jp domains mean?

When I first started to buy Japanese domains in the dot jp extension I noticed a few of the really good premium dot coms I had they keywords were reserved by JPRS in .jp.

Its been a few years since I’ve held my portfolio & a lot of time if you talk to the same people it’s sometimes hard to think in new & different ways. What I realized is that these are reserved to sell later. JPRS is from all those I’ve talked to over in Tokyo a much for profit organization. They have reserved only the best quality Japan IDN domains to issue for sale later.

This is one of the things you have to plan in the beginning. So before anyone knew that Internet Explorer wouldn’t be IDN compatible for years they had faith in IDNs to sell. I assume so because they didn’t reserve non IDN .jp domains & both were actually launched at the same time. You can’t really launch the domains & take them back so keeping the high quality keywords was planned.

Anyway what does this mean for dot com holders. It means that later on these domains will be in use.
It also means please put some time in to develop those keywords you have before the reserved domains get sold off to Dentsu, Hakuhodo, or the government agencies. I began to notice this when a premium keyword I knew was reserved seemed to have a company name on it later when I checked it.

This is not to say which is better actually. Both dot com IDNs & jp IDNs are valuable in my opinion. With the world of advertising budgets being cut left & right this might be a chance for smart media people to pitch new ideas like domains more for adding branding.

Anyway as always just rambling from my perspective…

J-Word now IDN Compatible

Released about 2 months ago

J-Word the Japanese PPC listing service now is IDN domain compatible.

Before Yahoo! Japan moved J-Word’s Ad Real Estate location on Yahoo! Japan’s portal front page J-Word listing had the best location on Yahoo! Japan’s portal. The top left location above Overture ads were owned by J-Word. Now they have been moved to the right sponsored listings location.

J-word services are based on buying keyword(s) for a set amounth each month. One keyword can be bought by only one company.