Making an IDN based dot jp site – Repost

Making an IDN based dot jp site – Repost

Written on March 26th, 2006 in IDN Market by Olney

As I launched my first Japanese IDN site with a .jp extension I started to realize a bit of a difference between using an IDN with a dot com extension & a dot jp.

Japan Registry reminds me of Network Solutions of years back when I started to buy domains for my online projects. You bought the domain but it took about a day for the whois to update. I see many posting dot jps IDN Domains directly after they purchase them. Currently we don’t even know if the domain sites registering jp domains are in realtime because after the purchase if you check immediately afterwards on several domain sites the domain is sometime still shown as being available.

When adding a domain to your server you must still add the domain as punycode. When you change over the nameserver that also can take a day to transfer over.

The best part of using the dot jp was in firefox if you type in a dot com IDN Domain it will resolve to the punycode. With the IDN dot jps Firefox never resolves to the punycode. It stays as a native Japanese term in the browser.

The site I made is an online tutorial, currently I’m promoting it within a popular Japanese social network so I can see the direct feedback & comments. Mac users can use IDN Domains already so this is the best way to get feedback on what young Japanese think. So far what I’ve never heard from a single Japanese person here in Japan is “why do need IDN Domains” or “we can’t use those”. 100% of the people I’ve informed that they can use them thought that they are better than using English Domains for Japanese. This also isn’t media hype.. It’s a fact.

Things to look out for when buying Japanese domains

I realize that many proceed with caution when buying domains in general from a seller that is not fluent in the language, or not residing in the country that the domain stems from. Even for my portfolio older does not necessarily make certain domains the best keyword or even the best translation. These are few things to research yourself or just ask the seller.

1. Katakana translation of the word in English
This has been something I thing most don’t want to point out. For many keywords this is the only word or even the best in Japanese. But just putting the English keyword in katakana & selling it, would be something to look out for. Many times the seller is thinking this is the best term for the keyword & it isn’t. Honestly with many sales no one ever usually states “Hey this isn’t the most common translation for this”. But it is “a” translation so it is correct. One of those catch 22 things.

2. Why are there so many searches for this keyword?
I’ve seen some people sell keywords that the answer for this has been “Cause its popular in Japan”. Please don’t think Japanese are just strange everything usually has a reason. The domain is mostly associated with something like a magazine, TV Show, Celebrity, or even a band name.
3. What other translations are there for this term?
I bought a term, that I was only thinking of one translation of it. It was a location. I realized later it was associated with a bigger keyword. This only happened to me once, & I was pretty one minded in thinking about matching that IDN domain with the Ascii (Romaji) in the same extension. Unfortunately to me the set as a location is more valuable to my later plans.

4. Is there a Company, service, music group. magazine etc. With this keyword as the name?
This happens all the time, & most often unknowing by the seller who might not have time to research every domain they own.

5. Would a native think this is valuable?
Try to make a Japanese friend who might have some association with the keyword. If its shopping related go on facebook or any of those SNS & meet someone & just send a message. You only need one or two people to reply.

6. Is this keyword even used in Japan?
Yep I’ve seen this too, selling keywords that are popular services in the States but aren’t in Japan.

7. English keywords with an s added to it in dot JP
Japanese “usually” use many English words in singular form even when describing something in the plural. For example  works, register & selling it well, the seller just got duped. Japanese are going to forget the “S” at the end.

Anyway just my tribute to this… right back to work.

Unbiased Domaining

I recently started to think about unbiased domaining. Think about removing yourself from the picture as the domain owner & think of what could truly be best for the client.

With IDNs many had the change to invest in very valuable domains in various markets.

Afterwords what happens to those domains is up to the investor.

At the corporate Ad Agency level one of the things we learn is to be unbiased (for the Agency I work for especially).

What if you can unbiased?

1. Is your domain the best?
2. How many other domains might be just as good?
3. If you owned a company relating to that domain what would you pay for it?
4. Are you really giving the potential customer the best value?
A lot of the domains owned by those I knew really were the best domains for many keywords.

I believe there are also more reasons for companies to buy domains other than “Its Premium” or “Its the best”.

1. It stops the competitors from having any advantage a.k.a. Cockblocking just a domain redirected might be used in a campaign later but certainly blocks their competition from getting their market keyword.

2. High converting keyword
A keyword that is associated with conversion, or even as assist. The game is not just about eyes but conversions.

3. As a campaign keyword it is cheaper than the monthly PPC bill
This is my personal expertize for APAC having running campaigns. For certain markets you would be surprised how much just certain keywords make the PPC companies.

Long time ago I kept reading about Rick Schwartz & Madison Avenue getting it, or not. Its not that simple. Everything in advertising has a lot of hands in the pot. If you can go direct to the top then you are all set, if not things have to be approved, analyzed, data given to clients etc.

I do wish more tools were available to domain investors to properly document value. The old Overture bid tool was actually really helpful. Now these tools are only available to digital agencies in the local countries. Not even the North America counterparts realize that these local tools are even available.

So my point is, take yourself out the picture. Think a bit corporate if you have the real premium IDNs. The world economies are changing & we are seeing more campaigns funds being transferred to Asia especially. sit tight..