IDNs & what will corporations want?

In the past week there has been a lot of buzz on the net about IDN. Many view the terms next year will bring “entire domain” in other languages as next year will bring domains in other languages. No matter which way it’s worded it’s actually working. Since I’m working at one of the biggest digital agencies in the world personal investments & what clients need to do in a reccession have to be seperated. Right now though agencies need to be brought up to speed.

Corporations are not speedy with decisions. Sometimes there can be one head of the entire market who suggests something. Other times agencies pitch things to their clients & it takes months for them to come back with decisions. This is just the way it works.

So what do many corporations want? They want plans. Initially corporations may not jump head in & just buy in the aftermarket. Truthfully good fresh regs are still available in every language. They will initially create sites to test. This phase is certainly coming this & next year. Agencies do want to know how to leverage IDNs for client’s benefits by making either their brand stronger, increase their marketshare, or bring in more revenue.

I’ve been writing a few “IDN for Digital Agencies” documents & “IDNs for clients” to speed up the learning & how to present IDNs to clients. “It’s the best generic term” just won’t cut it for most of the decision makers. The Agencies do have solid data on comparison cost, & those of us who work also as paid search analyst, & media can tell clients what would be the benefits exactly based on their current monthly or yearly spends.

Anyhoot, think about domains as part of a whole marketing strategy. Reverse your position with each potential company employee who you think may want your domain for their company. If you were them & had a boss screaming at you to increase revenue & marketshare, do you have enough data &/or a strong presentation to convince them to purchase an IDN domain? The US digital market is really domain savvy & may not need this for domains.

Career market in Japan Down

Unfortunately since last year the career market in Japan has taken a drastic turn. Since many companies didn’t employ staff & just used temp workers the temp staffing companies & career related services were able to be the biggest spenders in Japan. Many companies went under & most stopped their online ads, all significantly reduced their budgets.

Long story short.. Online ad venders in the red took a huge hit by this.