New IDN extensions stuff no one seems to be saying

A few years ago when I started to buy ccTLDS (mainly dot jp) I could easily see how IDNs & the country extensions would end up. If & when IDN.IDN is introduced, blam you got registered a great you got the IDN.日本 also. Only unknown fact is will this cost us more? Realistically I don’t want to pay more as a portfolio holder. So saying that IDN.IDN will make the domain registration companies more money is not actually a good thing for domain portfolio holders.

The other extensions I own .com which I do like alot & some dot nets I don’t think dot com in IDN is any easy road. There are many variables.

1. Do they add a com version for every single language?
2. Will the domain registrations sites have to upgrade their site back end for this? What ever way it goes yes, they will.
3. Will non IDN domains have this option for a translated version of dot com too? If so every domain service will have to upgrade.
4. Do you just choose one language mapping?
5. Who incurrs these increased costs for dot com? Is it all of us? Can we opt to not pay for the translated versions but still reserve it for us?

Anyway I tried to write a long time ago the ccTLDs with IDN.IDN looks like its easy to do. Not because I personally own them but it really seems like there is just one option for each ccTLD in each country. For Com Net etc are they going to add all of those translated versions?  These are the reasons who no one is saying anything. Nothing clear.

What exactly is best in everyone’s interest is completely uncertain.

Verisign – create aliases, that cost as far as system upgrades etc. If they are at cost who is going to drive promoting them locally in countries? For the dot jp JPRS will do press releases etc but only to say dot jp is available in IDN form.
Domain resellers – If their sites are not IDN friendly already will they have to upgrade their technology to compatible anyway.
End users – Yep IDN.IDN will be good for end users for example dot com in latin letters might mean international & worldwide but will .コム in Japanese be seen the same? My hunch is probably not. It might be totally different for Arabic & other markets.
Domain investers/holders – I always had 3 points to tell IDN domain investors 1. Take what I say about the Japanese market & apply it to the market you know. 2. Develop if you can, it’s better 3. Invest with your budget in mind. I can easily pay for my portfolio out of pocket but I don’t want prices to suddenly increase because of new extensions for my existing domains. If the new prices are for new registrations that’s different.
As of this point we can tell clients will go to IDN.日本 we can’t give them accurate advice yet on what will happen with dot coms & IDN extensions. I do suggest them to start with their important & also get the IDN.coms too.

Google Korea looses only major share in Korean search market

In markets in Asia Google is not the dominant player. Google Korea just had a devastating blow by losing the contract with Daum, the second largest web property in Korea after Naver. From this November the ads are being served by Overture Korea. Outside of the US many of the local Google offices are mainly advertiser sales offices. With no search volume advertising revenue is probably already gone. It’s unfortunate for the staff in Korea.