Things that only made sort of since in the domaining world, that no one else would understand.

Things that only made sort of since in the domaining world, that no one else would understand.


This is a list of things that I always wondered about with in domaining. This of course is my personal opinion.


1.    .CC means credit card or .ws means web site
Turning a CCTLD into whatever you think it should be just to sell a domain is just plain wrong & makes no sense. Even if .CC did mean Credit Card how many keywords does it actually go with that makes sense. The only ccTLD that did make sense looking at it this way was .TV but when you leave the English market TV doesn’t stand for TV everywhere.

2.    Is it a Zero or the letter o
These domains should be put out to pasture. They don’t have a place in the real world. People can only purchase these by mistake hoping to get the term they “think” that they purchased.

3. Hacks
Ok I understand that some great services like Bit.Ly or started as domain hacks but most of them were hand regged & not bought on the after market. Is it worth you thinking up a great domain hack & sitting on it for several years waiting to convince someone to buy your domain instead of simply making something up & hand regging it themselves?

4.    Dictionary Term
The domain is in the dictionary so it has value. I saw this from a few years back & it made me realize that buying terms in other languages was a smart move when people marketed domains just because it’s in the dictionary. Words that you never heard of used before in your life.. Don’t register them.

5.    Looking for a Short, brandable Pronounceable Domain
Back when I had time to look at domain forums this actually was a great lunchtime activity & funnier than watching Dave Chappelle Show. This post was almost guaranteed to bring about words & letter combinations in English that I personally had no idea became pronounceable in the English language since I left the States. Domains like, or , I believe a web site should live & be a home or city & your domain is a doorway to that living site. These domains are just plain ugly.

6.    Four Letters that make no sense
For God sakes make up a word or put two together instead of 4 random letters together. The human brain can remember more than 4 letters easily.

Anyway look for good siple commercial terms & you should be all right. Think about the target company for the domain & then say to yourself if I was the marketing manager in a recesssion would I buy this domain to start a campaign?

Google Korea displays a new design this week

Google Korea added a new site design this week.  The new design includes pix of hot celebrities & leads to articles on the web. Google which doesn’t have dominance in Korea may be on to something by trying out new things. Maybe they will turn into a search engine for fan sites etc.

You can see the new design yourself at

Yahoo Microsoft Deal for Japan & Korea

I’m glad that Yahoo & Microsoft have finally ironed out the search deal between the two companies. Yahoo will eventually switch to using Microsoft Technology for the search engine & Yahoo’s worldwide sales force will head sales for both Bing & Yahoo. Yahoo also is stating that Yahoo’s Panama system will be switched to Microsoft’s Adcenter.

I was asked a few time from individuals across the globe about when will Japan switch over to the Microsoft Adcenter platform. To say it frankly I have a better chance of becoming Japan’s top pop idol compare to Yahoo Japan switching over to Microsoft’s Ad Center.

Unlike other Yahoo corporations Yahoo Japan & Korea are totally seperate companies that actually dominate the market. The word from Yahoo Search Marketing reps is a switch won’t be happening. Microsoft’s Adcenter isn’t even tested in the Japanese market. Yahoo’s paid listings already power Bing. There would be no advantage at all for Yahoo Japan to switch to another technology platform out of their contol.

Korea is in the same situation. It becomes easier to understand the fustration that Yahoo goes through when suddenly developers in the US decide to do system updates in the middle of the nite US time but it’s still daytime here in Tokyo.

Long story short… They might switch technology but it won’t be to Microsoft’s technology for paid listings.

Mixi New Design Coming Next Month

Mixi the largest SNS in Japan posted an annoucement that the PC version of the site will be updated on January 6th 2010. Thr timing makes perfect since because traffic in Japan will be down from January 1st to the 4th because of New Years Holiday.

Mixi the largest SNS in Japan posted an annoucement that the PC version of the site will be updated on January 6th 2010. Their timing makes perfect since because traffic in Japan will be down from January 1st to the 4th because of New Years Holiday.

Some of the improvements include

Profile changes updates shown as icons to other users

Comment history from community posts, & other people’s posts will go together. (separate might have been better)

My Mix feed a feed of changes updates that friends have made.

For being a long time user of Mixi I think recently they’ve been adding a bit too much features & not concentrating on improving features. They once had a place where I can keep notes on the people who I am connected with & easily write something like user “Far X” is My friend Yugo & when he changes his Icon which never is his face & the user name I can still understand it’s my friend Yugo. They got rid of this memo feature which was very useful.

They also can update the event or community features. Or how about search through your My Mixi to manage the friends? I have 990 people do they know how hard it is to find just one person especially on mobile?

Anyway Mixi will continue to do well I don’t think facebook or twitter will take away from Mixi. Something made in Japan can though.

Is the Web divided?

I own a lot of IDN domains related to Japan & really have seen a lot of comments on why people are afraid of using domain names written in other scripts such as Chinese, Japanese, Russian etc.

A few of the most constant comments seem to be

1. For example if the web address is totally in Chinese no one from the US can access the site.
2. If the site owner goes on a business trip to the US, etc he can’t show his site etc.
3. How will the site owner “Expand” his business globally?
4. This will divide the internet.

Well for me the questions all lead up to the last one of dividing the internet.
I have shocking news for you…
The internet is already divided.
SEO, SEM, marketing etc it is all usually targeted towards specific groups in certain countries.

Many people think there must not be many sites in other languages because they don’t come across them.
This is done on purpose. English sites rarely come up for Chinese users because sites in Chinese would much better suit them. Companies in Japan can really make services just catered to Japanese & live well. Not every business needs to go aggressively global. If they do they can get a team in the US, or Europe to build their brand their for them.

It is common for companies in Japan to concentrate online spending with Japanese creatives, targeting Japanese users. Yes you might see some English on creative media but it’s usually a design element. This is the division. Think about it. Are you going to open your business in LA with an English site & target users in Germany? Unless you have great expendable budget & you have a track record of conversions from that area… Probably not.

In the end though division is not always bad. It keeps things uncluttered.

How domains used to get their type in traffic

There is a lot of talk about IDNs but the most important thing to think about is the value they will bring to business’ that can use them. PPC & boatloads of free traffic doesn’t work the way most lay it out. PPC for domains is not going to suddenly get better. Traffic can come a lot easier for clients who own generics.

While we are at it can we actually start to give consumers credit to think that they are NOT going to suddenly think of a keyword, place either dot com, jp, ru, cn & actually buy something. Before IE6 used to direct the keyword by default to the dot com. This is something either people don’t know, or just won’t blatantly say. It still happens with Apple’s Safari even with IDNs but this is how people got tons of traffic. IE7 doesn’t do this, nor does most other search engines. People were not putting in dot com they were typing in the keywords & being automatically taken to the keyword plus dot com.

But with IDNs keywords for a business’s market can be bought. You can buy your category killer keyword. no misspelling, no translated version that your customers won’t understand. You get the word that defines your business. Some of the big boys will try to own these for the sake of not letting their competitors have the keyword.

Companies will get most of their traffic from PPC, SEO, banner ads, Social Media Marketing, & videos anyway. It will just cost less when consumers go back using an IDN.