Using IDN Domains & CMS

I noticed that one of my former favorite CMS is fully in Japanese.

Joomla Japan

Actually I’ve never used Joomla but I used Mamba to build several sites years ago before Joomla existed.
I really liked the development community & the vast features of the system.

If you use a Content management system then you just have to get writers & create a content plan.

Using the Japanese version would also give you version with a few more tweaks for the Japanese language.

Anyway I wish there were more people on the net sharing about IDNs & development.
This is my single voice giving back to encourage those sitting idle. There’s lots of fixes, & technology enhancements out there. Most of it isn’t documented.

Anyway… Be Great guys…

How much value can 1 month’s work of development add to IDNs?

I started to get the development tingle in my spine again. This time with the help of a partner. Just image that companies may be a bit hesitant to buy a domain name from someone. From their point of view a domain holder just beat everyone to the punch in registering the domain.

Then we have spending time developing. I spent every off day & nite for months going over this site layout designs & what I want in it. Then 1 month of a few of us to put together the content & plans.

So for the first of many to come this year.

I introduce

http://ニューヨークシティ.jp/ (New York City)

You can access it through the IDN or through

For us we don’t just want to hold onto domains hoping visitors will come by & click something. We want to develop a brand, bring relevant quality traffic & know exactly why the users are there & how they came. We want them to keep coming back as we give them deals & specials in our network. We’d like to build trust with our users.

So this may be one of the first IDN Geo’s in Japanese you can access through the IDN & also the Romaji (ASCII).

Heavily promoting the good sometimes mentioning the bad

I think one problem with communication about IDNs is that it is too much biased information out there. I’d like to see more people write about good & bad points.
I always write about the Japanese market & IDNs. I hope those reading this site don’t take it as me being biased to Japan. I live in Tokyo & work as a professional is advertising here. I hope that the tips I write on development can be used in one’s own market. I find many aren’t really ever publishing the downside to IDNs, set backs etc.

Good New: There are those trying to fix the domain community in Japan. This year will introduce Japanese parking service(s) (Where the actual domain owner gets paid), domain back order services (already released), & a few more domain selling platforms. Even in 2007 when I owned the biggest domain community I constantly wrote people need to create platforms, not more communities.

Bad News: Individuals that have been to ICANN meeting are generally stating that IDN ccTLDs have been pushed back & will take another 2 years to be actually released. Maybe this is why countries are not hastily putting in their applications.  Put in the applications, create media buzz, & sit & wait for another year.

IDN extensions or not. Create a great portfolio of commercial terms that make sense in markets you understand or did your research about. Don’t be a slave to your investment. Budget your buys think rationally.

Hope to have the first of my sites done this month. Really excited to be developing for the Japanese market.

Development is not the only way to sell domains but look at it like this.

You can sell a blank lot, in a prime area or you can sell a whole office building.
Which would you think attracts a bigger sale? Everyone won’t get buying an empty lot (even in prime location), but a company can see the benefit of buying an office with a structure & team in place.

Thoughts of the day..

Years have past & technology has updated

Going through various technologies to see what’s compatible & what’s not I realize technology has advanced.
IAt the end of last year I sent several emails to Google to fix various things & realized lots of their feedback responses did work are implemented into the code now for Google related services.

I currently don’t see any of the fixes for a variety of IDN related issues public.

There’s also so much more to take advantage of for development.
Hoping to have one new commercial site finished by the end of the month.
Since I’m currently working under one of the biggest Ad agencies worldwide it’s useful that by development I can relay these fixes to those in Digital advertising in other countries easily.

Anyway I waited a long time to develop properly but have the right partners in place to achieve a good network of sites.

Think out the box also, take advantage of PPC, take advantage of social media, park & forget is not a plan.

Overture Tool is back for the Japanese market

After the Overture Keyword tool was taken offline because of resource issues. Yahoo Japan released a tool with the stats just for agencies.

Now it’s back for the public. You have to be an advertiser though. Good thing is many Japanese business’ do list with Yahoo & will be able to use the tool effectively for marketing. I doubt there will be a generic API for this. They learned their lesson the first time.