What can you do with my IDN Domains that I can’t?

I think of my IDN investments in terms of quality of the keyword, size of the market of the term, etc.
I personally think for those of us who invested around 2006 when it was a literal free for all we should not be selling these domains for pennies right now.

We have the knowledge to know that many of the domain investors who are selling for high figures now actually have been holding onto their portfolios for more than 10 years. So I looked at the investment in those terms. I don’t believe targeted consumers will automatically attach ” dot com” or “dot anything” to keywords. Browsers did though. This made parking page monitization easier.

Over the last year or two I have got offers through my whois, for some of my domains. Unfortunately it’s almost always offers for the exact same domains. I keep wondering, if I give you the top tier Japanese domains now, what will you do differently that I can’t do? Sit on it & wait another 5 years when the market is better & resell it? I can do that. I feel most of the offers have been really OK for today’s IDN market.

Anyway I want to take my investment steps further & not just limit it to a domain portfolio.
This all just personal thoughts.. Create your own future.

Geo Site #2 Launched LosAngeles.jp – ロサンゼルス.jp

Ok we seem to be meeting our self set deadlines.

The Japan Geo team has finished phase 1 of Our Los Angeles site.

ロサンゼルス.jp is live we kept the designs same for now, as our main focus is fixing technology to work well with IDNs. Then we can concentrate on making the sites a bit more unique. We also emphasize on what content we put in the site that appeals to our target users. We are also choosing destinations that interest ourselves so that we learn a little bit more about the cities we write the content for. Even being a Boston native when I do the Boston site I’m sure to get more familiar with the hometown I left.

Anyway on to the next travel destination. Great work Japan Geo Team.
It’s the team that makes the difference. We are trying to create long term ventures.
I hope that others following the blog take action too.

Japan Geo site 2

We are almost finished with the second site for the Japan Geo project. Actually I shouldn’t use the term finished but more of phase 1 of the site. Development should be continuous. Most of what takes so long is ignored by the average onlooker.

With Goldenweek coming up soon we should be finished this week to complete our goal of launching 1 Geo site per month. Even though we just started the simple data & A/B testing from making the second site already enhanced what we did for NewYorkCity.jp. For site number 3 I am going to incorporate some new technical solutions to see what are the results.

I’ll be quite happy when we are finished with phase 1 of 5 sites. Then we can bring them all to another phase of the project scope. The only setback will be the team has already started to develop other projects spurred by this synergy.

I’ll try to write somethings about development here but truthfully I think most of the stuff I’ve discovered should have been on the net by now. If you decide to sell your IDNs it is most useful if you can easily answer development issues to potential buyers. The Japan Geo network isn’t just a bunch of sites. It’s going to be an example for IDN development in a highly competitive industry. It’s also ongoing.

I have today & tomorrow to finish my part of JG2 (Japan Geo #2) before I start on #3.
We know the designs are too similar but that’s on purpose for now. We’ll change it later.

車選び.com puts their IDN in use

車選び.com puts their IDN domain in use finally.
After about a year of contacting them they finally got their domain up.
The site is branded with the Japanese characters & unfortunately when I started in IDNs I registered the IDN cause it came up in overture keyword tool.
Afterwards I realized if I dropped the domain they would never be able to use it.
So I kept conversating with ValueCommerce to put me in contact with someone there so I can give (YES GIVE) them the domain. All I wanted was for them to actively use it.

So right now it seems they have built a site around the IDN.
These are smart folks & 車選び.com has become an example for IDN Developers.

People that could make a difference for IDNs

Sometimes people get overlooked & I wanted to take a chance to give a plug to a few people that could make a difference fore IDN Investors.

1. André Schapp from Loughborough University. I’ve seen his name before & lots of interesting questions about IDNs & their use over the net. Everything I saw him write has been about functionalty & use of IDNs (I’m with you man). IDNs are not just about buying & selling especially right now. This is a man that’s making a difference.
Read his blog & follow him on twitter from these links.
He’s even already picked up a couple of my current development projects.

2. Raphaël BERRHOUN – Developer of a fix for the Google Map API for IDNs.
I also noticed he has almost all the dot nets of my Japanese hotel portfolio & he actually has them developed to.
The link to his wordpress plugin is here

Last is
3. David Wright
Developer of a plug for WordPress which allows you to use the native domain instead of the punycode in your site.

These guys are truly making strides & I personally appreciate their efforts.

Joomla IDN compatibe plugin

Joomla has an extension already for IDN Domains.
I used this as a base for a project & it worked well.

Here are the file locations


I realize that IDNs are really being embraced by developers. One of the problems is many are sitting on valuable domains. With development, developers know what needs to be fixed or improved on. If you just sit on your portfolio you won’t even realize what advances are available.

Looking forward to developing more over the weekend with the team.

Looking back at old work

It’s only been a month since I did the New York City site. It’s so good that I’m already getting traffic to the site. While working on the second site I do want to revamp some things & see if I can improve some things. Since I’m already getting traffic I can fix a few issues, & test it on the next site.

There’s like 3 issues that arose that I wouldn’t have forseen without developing.
One of them is actually even beyond what most things developers are thinking of now (Thinking as in, actually using).

Because of the first launch & the site looking good the team is now even more expanding.
IDN Domains or not, don’t use crap developed sites as an example of developed domains.
This hurts your chance of people taking you seriously.
Even though we don’t have hundreds of pages of content
We do have a great business theme to develop Travel, & an appealing site that is getting traffic.

Still have lots to do before launching #2 at the end of the month.
Have a great day…