.jp Registry having issue

I usually renew my domains on the last day. Especially my .jps Anyone with .jps expiring this month please start to renew now. It literally took me 10 minutes for each domain to renew. There are connection errors so the longer you wait there’s a possibility that there could be more errors. I don’t want any of you guys to loose domains you’d like to keep. So renew now.

Not my best work

I decided to fiddle around with Amazon stores again. Not my best work but has potential. テレビゲーム.com I used to have more amazon sites till they changed the API. It probably has about 300 pages of content. The great thing about this is you customize a script like this to work for ya, then you duplicate into different themes.

***Edit The domain is TV Games in Japanese. Forgot to write that. I could keep registering & registering domains but isn’t it better to make money off of the great domains you already own? After you have even a couple of good solid terms (up to 100) why not spend that next $50 to $100 testing out ways to develop.

Breaking News Yahoo Japan to outsource Search to Google

I have to admit I thought this was a media joke. After struggling using Yahoo’s technology for year’s Yahoo Japan made the announcement to switch search over to Google.


I’ll try to write an update later on what this means to you. Possibly with more advertisers on Google’s system using adsense will make you way more money than before. Parking revenue in Japan will also increase. Way to go Wixi. There still are questions like will it be one platform for advertisers or not. So many things are unclear. I’m sure to have to be the one writing what this means to the Japanese market for our agencies.

Creating new IDN Japanese sites

I’m going to create a bunch of new Japanese IDN sites soon. Sorry I can’t document every step of the way. For those of you that find that post & can look at it later after seeing those sites I can already tell you some things.

1. I am not looking for automatic solutions. I the first site I know it will look like it’s conveniently automatically created but there’s also plenty of manual work that has to go in. Like truly it might take me one full day at least to complete one.

2. For every solution I find I probably bought 3 solutions that didn’t work for me but look the same. So please test things yourself. You might find use in things I don’t. I also don’t always come to a conclusion that it “just doesn’t work”. Moreso I like to look at what is better for what I want to make exactly.

3. My Goal might not be your goal. I work at an Ad Agency not all my sites are to just make money. Some of them are test something else, or a different goal. A few of them have purposes people haven’t picked u yet.

4. Look outside domaining. This can’t be stressed enough. You have 17 year olds now selling scripts that are total multilingual solutions. You won’t find them in the domaining world.

5. Limit your time in domaining & increase your time developing. Reading my blog sometimes is ok but spend most of your time looking for development solutions. Hate to say this but other domainers & domain forums do not help you with this. I haven’t logged into forums to see development side but I also haven’t ran into many Japanese IDN sites compared to what can be made. Go to marketing forums, development forums, blogs sites etc. This will help you offset the amounts parking won’t.

6. Know where your traffic is coming from. Use analytics. This is so important. Traffic isn’t magic. People don’t magically appear to your site.

I’m considering using private posts to write more things I don’t want to be public. Not a paid subscription thing just somethings (techniques, recommendations) I don’t want to be public & indexed.

Anyway have a great week…

My view on .Co

.Co has just opened registration for the general public. While writing this blog & sometimes looking at domaining blogs now I realize I one strange thing.

As with IDNs I believe an extension or a domain type can be popular with usage. I do not think that 100,000 new domains going straight to parking makes a domain extension successful. I’ve read that the company went all out to promote this extension. I think otherwise.

In my previous post I wrote wouldn’t it be wonderful if a domain extension was created & was marketed to people to use them? Like .canon being tied to an online service.

Wouldn’t it make sense if the .Co team actually wanted the domains to be used they would market it to people who really develop sites, or do web marketing. If you turn off the domaining part of your brain & look at marketing blogs, agency blogs I don’t see a single blurb or dollar spent on advertising. I do see they mainly covered every site domainers go to. This gives the impression that they massively promoted the extension.

Only going to domainers looks like it will make .Co another dot Mobi to be. Time will tell but I don’t see this as any major extension “yet”. There are services that I really love, some I dislike but I don’t want to influence anyone to invest in anything I believe they will eventually loose money on.

I would have been convinced if they even had ads on SitePoint.com, SERoundtable.com, or even digitalpoint.

Even with IDNs I personally don’t think my time online is as valuable as the time I spend going out with people working in Ad Agencies to talk about domain marketing.

.Canon why are people against it?

I read a post on Domain Name Wire about .Canon


I truly don’t know what can be wrong with a company making innovative uses for domains.
.travel, .mobi, .whatever they basically didn’t have the strong costumer base of users. For me it’s so good to see some team in Japan realizing we don’t need to use current technology like everyone, let’s tie the canon brand to their owned branded domain. They have millions of customers worldwide & this could easily be a good way of offering photo/video hosting plans.

Yes they can do it with the corporate site technically but, it’s the Global Corporate site. You can’t have user generated content taking over a Global Corporate site. This plan is just like Apple’s .mac if the option was available I’m sure the initial iTools would have really been YourName.Mac think about it.

Japan leads in having mobile business structures, & was one of the first ccTLDs to want & see the use of IDNs (unfortunately they didn’t realize Microsoft would take 6 years to update it’s browser). Anyway this is a new innovative way of using domains that’s cost efficient.

This was my original thoughts on the matter.

Is .co going to be IDN Compatible?

I was looking through the .co registry to see what my clients have registered for their brands & noticed their is an IDN converter. To feed by curiosity it did not convert anything Japanese. Please, Please, Please let one of you folk develop a highly well defined site with the term for Anime in Japanese & market it to Japanese. I’ll even give you updated Overture stats for the term.

Oh & my clients did get their brand names. With this I realize new extensions just cost brands more per year. Let’s maximize .net, .org, even .us before thinking we NEED a new extension.

Where dost thou traffic come from Part 2

Where dost thou traffic come from Part 2

In part 1 of knowing where your traffic comes from I stated that I have one domain that was getting tons of direct traffic with no clicks at all.

That domain was parked & all the traffic was suddenly coming since end of February. Currently domains is something that is peaking the interest of tech writers. Some good, most bad because people who don’t own companies believe that everything can be accessed by search. I run search campaigns all day long & know for a fact that if Japanese people accessed sites directly a companies SEM cost would actually go down.

Anyhoot (I know it’s not a word) I discovered that a blogger used my domain as an IDN example in his post & that brought about many people accessing the domain.

So adding to knowing where your traffic comes from

Somebody wrote an article & used your domain as an example.
Now I believe I can pinpoint exactly where my traffic is coming from on my top 20 Japanese domains with traffic.

On another note I see one of my dot coms has gotten up to about 70 uniques a day.
Unbelievable but I count at least 5 sites, yes 5 (maybe more but I stopped looking) sites that named their site after my domain.
One of them named their site closely related to mine & is often referred to as my domain name by people who link to it.
The other 4 sites use my name exactly. Even though the url is completely different.
It’s mind boggling.

Google Japan moving to Roppongi Hills

Google Japan will be moving locations at the end of the month. Currently Google Japan is headquartered in Shibuya in the same building as notable tech companies like Mixi & Omniture (I believe they are both still there). Google will move to a larger location in Roppongi Hills.  Of course during this move we can’t really get a lot of customer support but our SEM campaigns will be fine.