IDN Event Auction Olney Picks

Here’s the list for the IDN Event Auction.

Good luck guys there are a quite a few premium names in there.

I’m about to attend Ad Tech Tokyo but I’d like to pick out 5 really good Japanese names.

These are my 5 favorites in no particular order (Looking at them for 10 minutes).

白.comWhite – Can be branded for even cosmetics
ロンドン – I like GEO .jps
銀行.comBank – Great Domain, banks may not be able to own it currently because of financial red tape but a banking service could do wonders with this.
高級.comLuxury–  Great name for the way I party in the fashion scene I know Japan is about luxury goods.
沖縄旅行.comOkinawa Travel – Good domestic travel keyword. Solid

My runner up (I noticed this afterwords)
中古パソコン.comUsed Computers – Solid domain, good product. Also in Japan used actually means damn near new.

My not the main term you are thinking of pick go to.

売却.comSale – This is a term used to refer to the sale of really large items like stocks or a house. The “” that would mean a bargain or discount is “セール.com” I own that. There are actually lots of terms in Japanese that when translated in English turns into “Sale” but it may not be the one you are thinking about. Sorry to critique someone’s domain but that’s the reason why bilingual folks are needed. The rest are solid (that I quickly glanced over).

Good luck buyers & sellers. I’m off to AdTech Tokyo soon.

The IDN Event site is at

The full Snap Names Auction list is at

2nd Year in a row .jp safest domain extension

.Jp was named the safest domain extension according to McAfee Inc report.

.Jp actually a lot more expensive when buying in English, but way cheaper when registering in Japanese so it’s not really attractive to Spammers. Also if the content isn’t in Japanese the site may not show up in search results so most .jp sites are very well used. Now we just have to work on layouts & ease of use & we’ll be perfect.

The original report by JPRS is here おめでとうございます!!

Japanese IDN domain mining Part 2

I’m looking through my Wixi stats again & noticed there still is a lot of US traffic on my domains. Also perhaps using my regs to spur more keywords to buy in Japanese.

It does look like a clear trend that US viewers are looking at the strategies that I looked at 5 years ago.

Travel: I wiped out the best of what was available in com & .jp
Loan: I did that too in jp & com
Alcoholic Beverages: I got a lot of the best but not all,
Adult: I only got a few of the top terms because it’s not a huge interest you need to hook up with Rhys who is the king.

These categories have a limited amount of what is considered the best of the crop. Maybe 2 to 3 main S class terms, then about 10 to 20 terms that are truly premium. This is what I went after first especially in .jp. It’s good to see a few more people I don’t recognize comment on the blog, contact me via the contact form.

So even though I’m not an active member of the IDN community like most an IDN event affects us all.

For those of who who read the blog I would also suggest creating a site where people can easily contact you. Not every buyer emails the whois email address. You guys do have quality domains just like me. The only difference is most users don’t know where to find you. I’ve had a few offers from people searching for Olney’s IDN Portfolio. Let yourself be found.

10% to 15% or more CTR from US traffic is sick…

Wixi debuts new site

Wixi the very first parking site from Japan revamps it’s web site. The site now has a FREE droplist of .jps IDN & non IDN domains. The site also offers domains to buy with clear prices. This is something that is much needed in the domain industry because it just cuts confusion for potential buyers. I haven’t done this yet on my portfolio site but with an increase in inquiries this year I plan to do so.

Wixi may have a few more services that are not listed yet, so I expect there’s more to come. I speak to the team often about what corporate services they can offer & we all kick around ideas that can help out the market.

You can visit Wixi at

Dollar just keeps getting worse compared to Yen

Wow right now before leaving work I saw that the US Dollar has dropped again compared to the yen. This has it’s Pros & Cons. For me & my American coworkers it means our salary has increased by 30% if we transfer our funds back into dollars.

$1 is currently close to 80 yen & might be dipping lower soon.

This also becomes a problem when I receive offers in dollar that I think are good amounts in dollars, but the value compared to Yen, the currency associated with my portfolio & where I live doesn’t add up.

If you are lucky enough to partner with someone doing affiliate for example the exchange rate makes it much better. Even though it takes a bit longer to get paid from Amazon, & Value commerce affiliates I’m glad I started to concentrate on that area. Adsense in dollars wasn’t performing as well.

But theoretically your clicks should get a higher CPC because if transferred to dollar the rate is higher. Whether between Google & the parking services they transfer that increase to you or not is another issues. I know one day I have to start posting prices for my domains in Yen for those who inquire.

This is just an FYI post. I have a few clients who have budgets in dollars & it makes their ROI go down. So it’s not all good.

Forgotten Post IDNF Turned 5 this year

I’m not sure if anyone noticed but IDNForums turned 5 this year. It’s easy to remember because it was registered on my birthday in 2005 while I was just about to relocate back to Tokyo, September 9th 2005.

Ah those were the days I guess there was a lot of misconceptions about me at the time but it was hard to register domains, start working for a new company in Tokyo & move all of your stuff overseas. I’m glad I did my part then but in reality there were IDN portfolio holders before me. Even the domain was actually registered BEFORE (2003) I created the forum but never developed.

I guess my initial vision of one forum & others creating services is actually happening now. But I remember back then everyone wanted to own a forum.

After 5 years I’m basically doing what I want to do in this market. That’s increase awareness about the use of IDNs. I might not log into IDNF but I’m glad it’s still up & well maintained. I even have a coworker go through & look through my old IDN & SEO tips if she needs it for a client.

I guess since we share the same birthday I’ll be attached to ya…

PS does everyone & their momma now have a domain blog? IDN Blog does an excellent job & I wish more IDN investors would share value on the web.


Why doesn’t any domain forum have a twitter URL?

This year I noticed something when I started to go through new Twitter marketing techniques for a client. Not one single domain forum owns their domain name’s Twitter URL.

When I owned a forum Twitter wasn’t around (I think) so I never got the URL. Being in domaining it’s sad that almost all of the URLs were grabbed by someone else. This is one of the drawbacks of the domaining industry chances are if someone sees it open they will register it. From NamePros who’s twitter name is suspended to DNF which one of the URLs has a message in Chinese. IDNF twitter accounts in any variation are gone. Only Domain State has a chance of owning their own Twitter account but I’ve PM’d the owners & I guess they aren’t interested in owning it.

I guess this comes to a problem now with the domain industry. Forum owners are not the content providers & people with great content as far as techniques & personal insights are able to report via their own blogs now.  I haven’t done any of the things on that I had to do on the backend to promote IDNF like the link buying, blog advertising, SEO link exchanges, Twitter & Facebook could have been really useful back then & cheaper. It’s these backend marketing techniques that also attract new users & give you an opportunity to reach new audiences, while members never notice. For my event Agency Night, blogging, twitter, Facebook, Mixi all contributed to a success online campaign & achieving my goals.

Yahoo Japan’s New Keyword Advice Tool 2010

The Overture Keyword Tool was killed off more than 3 years ago. The tool’s data was used by online business owners, internet marketers, domainers, & just about everyone else who needed to know the search volume of their target keywords.  The tool’s data was also integrated into plenty of various business’ tools.

Even though the tool was used by so many, the ratio of Yahoo’s paid clients to users who used the data varied a lot. So Yahoo made a decision to kill the tool with the promise it would come back later. Well about a year later or so it did come back. Yahoo smartened up though. Yahoo realized that Agencies gave them most of their business revenue so they made the new tool available to Ad Agencies that ran Paid search campaigns. I think I’ve had access to the Yahoo Japan tool for more than 2 years now. This new tool was really accurate on impression volumes from the previous month & would give keyword ideas & traffic click estimates.

Going back to 2 months ago I was attending a Yahoo Japan seminar for Agency workers & they informed us about yet another Keyword Advice Tool coming soon. This tool finally debuted this month. Summing it up in one word: BRAVO!! These are the new features that are absolutely amazing & useful

1. Search Volume from previous month
2. PPC Competitor level
3. Estimates/Volume based on Exact Matches or Broad
4. Estimates for only Listed Keywords (Only Google’s Traffic Estimator does this & the numbers are way off)
5. Include related keywords
6. Daypart Data
7. Gender breakdown
8. Location Breakdown
9. Age Breakdown
10.  Day of the week breakdown

This new tool was made domestically by Yahoo Japan & really gives Ad Agency’s a clear advantage in the detail we can now research better keywords for our clients. I’ve told our Yahoo Reps that come to GroupM how much I love the tool already but this is a public Thank You.. You guys did a great job. I would imagine that next the tool will include Mobile data. I can’t see what else I could need after that.

Digirock seems to own the top Japanese Career terms

I was just looking at Yahoo Japan search volume stats.

These are the top 5 Career terms in dot com in terms of Yahoo search volume last month (September 2010)

Term – Translation – Search Volume last Month (Rounded off)

求人 – Job Vacancy – 7,400,000
転職 – Job Change – 3,000,000
アルバイト – Part Time Job – 690,000
派遣 – Temp Job – 560,000
就職 – Find Employment – 440,000

DigiRocks owns the top 3 I own #4 & another Japanese person owns #5 in dot com.
In dot jp GMO owns #1 求人.jp
While #3 & #4 are reserved.

I’d like to clearly say a dot jp Reserved does not mean it will never be used. Before .mobi & all others reserved domains I think JPRS reserved these big keywords with plans to auction them off later. IDN Investors need to realize they will be used at some point.