When can we expect .日本?

If you are using a domain service in Japan you may have noticed that all of them have notices for maintenance going on monthly. I expect that this if for the anticipated new .日本 IDN CCTLD.

An associate of mine used a domain service I wasn’t familiar with. After looking at the site I found .jp related news & updates.



Maybe I just missed it but it states second half of 2011. I hope it’s wrong & at least it debuts summer time. I expect JPRS to try to do some promotions since they have been receiving all this domain money for years.

Here’s the link to the original article

Yahoo Japan starts to use Google organic search results.

Yahoo Japan has started showing the same organic results as Google Japan.Integrated into the search results are results from Yahoo Answers, Yahoo video, & Yahoo shopping. The paid listings hasn’t been updated yet. At the Yahoo forum for Search Ad Agencies Yahoo Japan stated they would show us a beta preview before the paid listings is switched.

Breaking News: Yahoo Japan now using Google’s Organic Search Results

I just got back & was checking my analytic stats for some domains. I immediately noticed a huge increase in traffic from Yahoo for domains that recently wasn’t in the organic search results. After a quick check I noticed that Yahoo Japan has switched already to using Google’s organic search results.

Also Yahoo has added Yahoo shopping & Yahoo answer results to the results. Tis gonna be a great christmas afterall.

Back from Hong Kong

Had a good week in China & Macau where I was able to just enjoy the culture. Hong Kong is a big tourist capital of China so I didn’t see many websites advertised outside to attract tourists. This makes sense because most may have researched before coming to Hong Kong.

I did see the Macau.com advertised there. China is different than Japan. Way different.

When it comes to IDNs domains we must really put aside our personal feelings as an investor & try to think about the average domain user. Like the current explosion of the Russian extension. This reaction is the same I see with Japan & China when the domains become fully internationalized. The ccTLDs have an advantage that they are managed locally. The people who live in these places trust their own first & others later.

These are my personal opinions. There are also new domain services in Japan recently. I’ll write more about them when I have time. Things are picking up here. As I said about 4 years ago the IDN markets needs services that cater to local people. These are beginning to get launched one by here in Tokyo.

Anyway Hong Kong was great hope to have another week there exploring someday.

Big Rumble in Tokyo Over JPRS’s Announcement to Offer gTLD Domains

I talked to Darshaun President of WIXI, Inci & he wrote a new article over at Circle ID.
Truthfully there are only a few people that I regard to as a sempai(Senior) in Japan when it comes to domain marketing. Edwin (unfortunately we have never met), Steve & Darshaun of Wixi are amongst them. Even though I sometimes praise JPRS I understand that people like Darshaun who have to deal directly with JPRS may see things differently. In his article Darshaun talks about JPRS registering mass amounts of domains. For those in IDNs this may also refer to those prized IDNs that are in reserve status. As I keep mentioning Reserved doesn’t mean it won’t be used. They will. It just will cost.

Here’s a small quote from the article but go to the full article from the link below
WIXI’s homepage: www.Wixi.jp
& also follow WIXI on Twitter: twitter.com/wixijp

“Whereas we hear about the “bottom up process” throughout the domain industry around the world, we have a “top-down”, “dictator-style” registry model in Japan. Let’s take a look at how this evolved. Up until the year 2000, JPNIC (a not-for-profit association) was the organization which managed all domains and IP addresses in Japan. In the latter part of 2000, JPRS was established as a for-profit Japanese corporation which was given the task of launching top-level .jp names and over the course of several years, taking on management of all .jp domains. The Japanese government blessed this arrangement by approving the transfer and giving approval to ICANN. At that time, JPNIC was given the task of “over-seeing” JPRS to make sure their activities were in the best interest of society, business, technology and the government. But this was just the beginning of where the situation gets extremely interesting. JPNIC and some of its employees became share-holders of this for-profit monopoly called JPRS, becoming a band of share-holder brothers, self-supervising themselves, and in the meantime, receiving governmental monopoly protection.”

Domaining & thinking like a consumer

One aspect of domaining that is a risk is acquiring a domain that obviously only one organization can benefit from. It’s a risk sometimes you win sometimes you lose. Recently the Cowboys.com is back on sale.

Many in domaining claim it’s a great loss of the Dallas Cowboys by not buying the domain on the aftermarket. I look at this from a marketing point of view. If the team owned some abstract domain such as  Dallas-Cowboys.us or CowboysOfficial.com I would understand domainer’s logic. What I’ve never seen in any domain article is the fact that they own DallasCowboys.com. The domain is over 13 years old.

I saw the comment on Elliot’s blog that if a user goes to Cowboys.com looking for tickets the stadium  the team would loose money. They wouldn’t see ticket info & go to Ticketmaster instead. How many of you buy your tickets by guessing the URL of the sports team? Do you buy concert tickets by typing in the singer’s name & putting dot com at the end? No you don’t. You might look for generic information this way but you don’t purchase this way. Now Elliot is great writer & I like reading his blog but comments like this are too common in the domaining world. Actually ticket transactions on DallasCowboys.com are redirected to Ticket master anyway.

I think that if more articles just wrote about what companies have already as a URL they realize some buys are unnecessary. Dallas has a great domain that matches their brand. There are plenty of companies with horrible domains that could use generic domains to support their business. The Dallas Cowboys isn’t in that boat. The economy in the US is bad guys. Changing their domain may even do more damage short term than good.

Purchasing a highly competitive keyword that brings plenty of business’ sales or leads, that’s a great domain no matter what the language.

IDNs & Client talk

I just started to test a few new things this year. With development there’s not a lot of IDN Investors who develop now. I’ve only recently realized one of domains is doing extra well. Actually it’s way better than it’s supposed to be doing.

This is why development & testing becomes so important. There is not a lot of public info on IDN development. Large corporations are pretty savvy now. They could buy your parked domain as a blank slate because of the keyword value or they can buy your developed site with knowledge from you on how to make the IDN work for them & bring them clients, & or consumers. This is what end users want.

I don’t buy into the “They just get it” theory. Not with IDNs. I know the technology big corporations have to use & most of it is not IDN compatible yet. IDNs though are great for what I call campaign domains, or satellite sites. These sites can bring targeted consumers to the company without giving up the main brand site.

Even though I didn’t develop any new sites last month, this test I did & results made me look at new ways of developing & marketing. I can share this with knowledge with Global clients in GroupM or with potential site buyers (end user companies).

Parking is great for domains that you have in surplus, but I recommend to anyone develop at least a few domains. Get international college kids if you can. Test out stuff see what works, see what doesn’t. It will benefit you more if you can recommend to potential end users who may have interest in your site on how to bring traffic. Because that’s what they will want the domain for anyway.

October wrapup

I have to say that October was a great month.

1. Agency Night: Tokyo a good success had even people at AdTech asking me about it since they’ve seen the pix. Maybe next is Singapore.
2. Development: I didn’t create any new sites this month but I did do a bit of SEO for existing sites. One of my really big names at #11 on Google for the keyword now. If I can get on page #1 any spot I’ll be stoked for this term.
3. AdTech: Great event, met lots of new & interesting people. I’ll try to do a writeup on this & posts pix on International SEM
4. Wixi: Started a new drop catching service & they publish their lists. Please visit www.Wixi.jp for more details.
5. The Drops: I’ve stayed out of buying dot jps this month (I think).
6. IDN Event: IDN Event was held by IDNTools, seems like they had a successful event.
7. Helping a good friend on her company’s online marketing from step 1. It’s these times that some reading this would say “tell her to go IDN”. I bought her another domain than what she originally had because not even she could remember it. Don’t let your personal investments sway common sense judgements.
8. Partying: Halloween was great. I’m not sure if you know the TV show Entourage, but I got to meet the guy Vince in the afternoon before going to AdTech, then later that night we met at the big Halloween Fashion Party on the VIP Floor. I got to get a pic with him to show my family back in the States.

I’m still tired from Halloween….