WTF: No more URL formatting in Adwords

Google has yet again announced to make one of those “Who thought of this?” changes to Adwords.
Coming soon to an Adwords account paid for by you Google will automatically start changing your uppercase display URLs to lowercase.  There are companies that have in their guidelines the way to correctly write their URLs that this will affect.

This does accomplish a few things as noted on comments on other blogs.
1. Makes vanity domains useless
2.  Makes the Display URL just harder to read for international viewers.
3. Makes me think that my prior post about “Google having a team of engineers that sit around thinking of  which seemingly normal function can we take away to increase our profits”, just might be real.
4.  Makes you realize that if they put changes in things that affects your freedom of choice & branding what will come next?

But I found a few still active & will try to get some UPPERCASE on my client’s display URLs in the coming weeks.