Understanding why your search volume went up suddenly

I have a few domains that are parked that the search volume has suddenly increased significantly. With this my revenue for the domains has also increased.

For example “Domain A” in  May 2010 had about 54 unique views.
May 2011 Domain A gets 3700 unique views

Or another scenerio
I got one domain “Domain B” that the average PPC was .50 at the beginning of the month.
Nearing the end of the month I start to see clicks at $1.95 (*edited a click) (Not willing to reveal domain but category is finance/money related sort of).
Do I believe that these surges means an increase in awareness of IDN Domains?
Unfortunately No.
It has no correlation if you think about it.

These two domains are parked. I have never tried to develop either of them. I have never promoted them how does the volume or CPC increase so much? How does a consumer going to a parked page indicate an increase in awareness? It doesn’t.

I’ll explain exactly what happened.

Scenerio 1
Domain A: In the Japanese market many people create free blogs, for mobile & PC. Unfortunately many will name their blog with a popular Japanese keyword & put .com or .jp at the end. These free blogs get super popular & people start to come to my domain. The other scenerio with this is people buy a nonIDN domain .jp & puts the logo in IDN Unicode form. Many of the readers of this blog do have premium domains on the same level as me or better & it should be happening to you too. So it’s actually not anything about the market.

Scenerio 2
Domain B: Those high CPCs at the end of the month? That’s an SEM thing. Usually in online advertising  budgets are based on monthly budget allocations. At the end of the month if you are underspending it is common to raise CPCs to increase your ad coverage. So this is the reason PPCs increase.

On a different note
If anyone is using Wixi in Japan
Please change your Nameserver over to fastpark.jp
They are willing to help optimize your domains for you.
There is a chance I might be getting those $1.95 clicks because of changing over to Wixi’s nameserver last week but I’m not sure. I put quite a few domains back in parking recently.