Google adds time stamp to organic search results

I’ve just noticed that Google has started to add time stamps for article updates to the organic search results. They seem to have visually revamped a lot lately & this seems like a potentially positive change to the natural SERPs.

For users that are searching for new info it’s great to see that the article was written this month or last month, instead of an article that was written about two or more years ago.

Good going Google as I update this site more hoping to see how these changes affect my search referals.

Here’s a screenshot.


Google Ads time stamp
Google Adds timestamp

Yahoo Japan’s Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool stops updating stats

Yahoo's Keyword Tool
Who said the Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool was dead?

Yahoo’s Japan’s Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool has stopped updating stats finally it seems. Now I know quite a few of you are thinking this must be an old post or something that was just reposted from 2007. No it’s currently 2011 & Obama is the president of the USA. There has been actually several Keyword Suggestion Tools since the public & overused Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool vanished around 2007 but it seems no one writes about them.

The old Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool was pretty much a staple for too many marketing tools. If the tools were used for advertising that would have been fine but many of the softwares using the tool wasn’t geared towards paid search. It was used as an SEO tool and also benchmarks for domain stats.


In 2007 Yahoo launched the first new Keyword Suggestion Tool as they promised when they shut down the old one. Everyone was happy to hear that, business as usual right? Wrong. The first tool was agency only. Each person who used it had their own individual logins. Also there was never any press release on it. Agencies used it & kept quiet. Why not? This is the tool that finally is not being updated anymore.


So I know you’re wonder how do agencies get their data now? Well that tool to us was “So last year”. We already have a new tool by Yahoo! Japan. This tool also is schedule to be updated tremendously in Fall 2011. You want to know more about this tool?

Keep reading from time to time I’ll tell you all about it.

Global Clients & Dollar Advertising Budgets

Global Clients & Dollar Advertising Budgets

Many of us are onlookers as the US Dollar is steadily decreasing in value. Even though many who read this blog reside in countries that have a primary currency other than the US dollar many of our readers have global clients that do allocate budgets in dollar.

Dollar Yen
The Dollar Yen value

With the fluctuation between currencies on the outside it looks simple. You get a budget in Dollar, you agree on an exchange rate & you bill the client that amount. Seems simple, but it’s not.

4 years ago the fluctuations started to cause concerns for us in Tokyo. The yen has steadily grown stronger & stronger in value. Using an example of how the fluctuation works we’ll look at a client that sets budgets quarterly & likes to pay quarterly also.

Let’s say that client allocates a $500,000 budget to us in May 2007 that comes to 58.8 million yen media buying power. In June the exchange rate makes that 61 Million yen buying power. The problem is by the time the client pays in August, $500,000 becomes 57.9 million yen almost one million yen less than we began.

Other than budgets there are issues concerning at performance when the client’s KPIs are set in dollar. That campaign that you finally got the CPA to be aligned to your client’s goals just increased the CPA because of the fluctuations.

What solutions can we take to resolve issues & retain transparency amongst our clients?

Here are a few solutions that work for me.

Multicurrency reporting: Give clients reports in 2 currencies. Dollar & the local buying currency. This is great for those quarter reviews when you look & see your CPA in yen has decreased a lot compared to the previous quarter even if the decrease looked minor in dollars.

3rd Party Tracking Tools: Tools like Zap Search, & Marin keep accurate daily exchange rates. I’m a big advocate of using tools like Marin or Zap search for conversion tracking & reporting. You & your clients can see historic data that the currency can be changed on the fly.

Clients Pay in Advance: Make your clients pay the monthly budget or quarterly budget in advance to avoid confusion.

So there we have it. If you have any other solutions feel free to comment.
BTW one of the solutions is a joke :-p

Google’s announcement IDNs in Display URL

Here’s the official announcement finally from Google about Display URLs.

I’ll be writing more indepth information about it on my SEM Blog

If Google supports this then next step is to get the technologies that advertisers use to support it.

I saw a white Unicorn – An adwords ad with ALL UPPERCASE Display URL

A few months ago Google sent out a notice that there would be a change concerning the display URL on adwords. The notice stated that there would no long be any custom formatting of the display URL on Google Adwords text ads. This was actually the 2nd biggest change I can remember that happened concerning the display URL on Adwords. The first was the final landing page & the domain in the ad had to match.

I can understand the direction Google went with this in terms of quality assurance. For example
You see an ad with a display URL of at quick gland it looks like Paypal but it isn’t it’s paypai.

Tonight I was a bit supprised going through my Gmail where the ads certainly come from Google’s Display Network.

There I saw it a white unicorn. Grazing on the side of my inbox. Just like most people who saw bigfoot by mistake I didn’t take a screen picture & opened another email.

What I did do is remember what the ad was for & copied the ad text from the company’s organic listing & emailed it to myself.
Then we have the white unicorn again….
Now all I want to know is “how the heck did they do it????”

The rare all uppercase display URL
ALL Caps Adwords Display URL

Don’t base investments on Old

I realize I have a few readers who may understand I trying to post things to make their investment choices better.

Today’s post is

Don’t base your investment on Old

Don’t renew domains or buy based on OLD Overture Scores
One of my domains had an Overture search of over a million when I registered it in 2005. Current searches almost none. It took me forever to find out it was a book. It wasn’t one of those domains I really thought about so I never researched why it had a million searches a month.

Don’t register or keep domains relating to OLD technology.
Would you like to be the owner of or even all pretty much dead technology. Could be used as historic trendy branding later but register generics that will last for generations if you can.

Don’t listen to OLD Men
This is a big one. When it comes to technology there has to be fresh blood involved. I shouldn’t say don’t listen to all because Rick Schwartz is is a bit old VERY business savvy & knows corporate America well. Even though he doesn’t develop he knows what they want to hear. He has a track record too.

Many of us got in early with IDNs. Many still believe that the early 90’s with parking is going to mysteriously come back. Some think that people are just going to keep mysteriously increase typing in their domain names. These are OLD Men ways of thinking. Realize WHY you are getting traffic. Realize why it CAN get shut off. Realize why parking can get a little better but development most likely holds far more benefits.

There’s domain related bloggers who suddenly become popular just because they realize they can beat the pants out of the older crowd when it comes to internet marketing.

Don’t rely on OLD Developers

Instead of seeing people with 7,000 domains that they have to keep renewing for $70,000 a year.
I’d love to see people hold 100 to 300 great domains that pay for themselves in any language. Then take your extra income & spend it on development on one or two domains or just better living. Don’t get some old developer to develop for you. Get some young college kids who think about things they’d use.

OLD DAYs are Coming back (a bit redundant)
Don’t listen to anyone who is waiting for the OLD DAYS to come back if they can’t understand what was going on back then.  People weren’t typing in domains they were typing in keywords to the Nav bar. IE redirected everything to the dot com. Google did not separate the content network’s domain parking from web sites.
When IE7 came & Advertisers could opt out of domain parking this alone would have reduced income from parking by at least 75% in my opinion. If one can’t understand why things happened can they truly forecast a comeback? Think about it.

I haven’t wrote this line in a minute but
Stay New School….

Disclaimer (Sorry Rick if you are one of the readers who pops in from Florida from time to time)

Value Domain gets bought by GMO

It seems that Value Domain the cheapest domain service offering dot jp to us for only 640 yen each (roughly $6 way back before the dollar fell) has been bought & has become a subsidiary of GMO. GMO has bought up most of the independent domain services in Japan.

Currently with Value Domain I can still renew my dot jps for 640 yen that I registered before the price change. No speculation that it will change but you never know.

The guys from WIXI also had a very successful domain company that GMO bought years back.

The market looks good for the next few years. The ad industry is doing well. The yen is strong. We finally have a domain selling platform & parking service.

IDN compatibility with Google Adwords will come soon

It’s seems it’s not active as of yet with doublebyte display URLs on Adwords.
My job function is mainly managing the paid search ads for clients here in Japan. I’d like to test this out on click through rates using IDNs in the Ad Headline & display URL.

The Display URL has been already repositioned so it’s a good chance that it doubles the effect for IDNs.

As soon as it is implemented I’ll try to test it compared to a nonIDN ad & see the difference.

This is pretty big so I’ll try to publish it on an advertising industry blog.

I personally think it’s not good for IDN investors to concentrate on buying & selling IDNs currently. IDNs need to be used before they get to that point. DOT com going to IDN means nothing if the systems advertisers & big corporations use aren’t IDN compatible.

I might not be on domain forums but I do keep technology companies, clients, & people in the ad industry afloat on the progress of IDNs. Google adwords being able to use IDNs is a massive achievement. This is where companies spend lots of money every month. Better vanity domains equals more conversions. That’s the way marketers think.