Google Japan’s Mina No Biz Online – みんなのビジネスオンライン

Google registered a few new domains last month all of the domains refer to the phrase Mina No Biz Online みんなのビジネスオンライン (Everyone’s Business Online).

Perhaps the service will be similar to the US campaign Get Your Business Online. Google has been ramping up staff lately in their still new office in Roppongi Hills. We have no feedback yet on how the GYBO went in the States or other countries.

Adwords Editor now supports IDN Domains

Adwords Editor the tool that most Adwords advertisers use to upload campaigns was recently updated to be IDN friendly. The new version allows for native IDN domains as the display URL. You still have to upload punicode for the destination URL.

This is really good progress to see technology giants become more & more IDN friendly.

Here’s the release update

Linkedin for Domainers

I’ll be honest & admit I was totally against putting my profile on linkedin. Recently I’ve had a change of heart.

As being owner of a few sites that were created with user generated content since 1999 there is one thing that I would have loved to have from the beginning. User transparency. For the web user of course I understand they want privacy. For the webmaster they would love if their was a bit of transparency for the user.

Linkedin changes that. It really proves credibility. For the domain world if someone talks about SEM/advertising/ marketing & they work as a security guard, it makes you realize should you be taking this guys advice on how advertising works? As far as bloggers, there are some that are good & do self marketing & I do give them credit.

But realize someone who owns domains, & has no experience in marketing isn’t instantly a digital marketing expert. Sorry just as you should I only connect with people I’ve actually met & work with.

Linkedin is a very good way to show your status.

I would love to make a professional site where each user logs in with their Linkedin profile. Even if it was a private site. Imagine how real the members would be if you can see their experiences in life.