WIXI next domain auction October 1st (Japan time)

WIXI’s second monthly domain auction will begin on October 1st 2011 Japan time. There are actually a few monthly auctions in Japan but WIXI’s platform has domains coming from 3 auctions. You can bid on domains from WIXI, Humeai, & Rat.

These three services usually catch the top dot jp domains IDN and non IDN. It seems like powerhouse GMO might be dropping domains that it can’t monetize so last month I was able to get a great domain like Boston.jp which I lost out to them 2 or 3 years ago. WIXI caught the domain & I won it in the first auction for only 21,000 yen (about $250)

If you have any features you think would improve the system let them know.

The auction will be at this location in a few days.

Your Japanese IDN Parking revenue just increased

I have to give this tidbit to those who read this blog.
Your Japanese dot com parking revenue has just increased. I’d even go to say that by this time next year it should be at least 40% higher each month than what it currently is (if the exchange rates stay the same).

I’m not one to believe in Magic traffic or people just randomly typing in keywords & adding dot com to it.
I can correctly account for almost most of my traffic on my IDN domains.

I’m using WIXI which has the NameDrive backend but my payout might be a bit higher because I’m making more than I made with Namedrive. Long story short your results & mine as far as clicks should be the same.

Direct traffic IS NOT DIRECT TRAFFIC as you think. It’s really users coming from iPhone. The dot com is adding automatically by the Safari browser & NameDrive sees this as direct traffic. I have Google Analytics also only my high traffic domains this is FACT.

In Japan KDDI has announced to be the second carrier for iPhone in Japan come October. KDDI has a bigger market share compared to Softbank. This equals more Japanese putting in the keywords in Safari & increase in traffic. This is especially true for younger users.

Now if Apple changes the settings on Safari which is a possibility, then everyone will see a huge decrease in what thay think is this so called Type-in traffic. If things stay the way it is correctly more advertisers will spend on iPhone mobile ads, and the iPhone user base will be increased which equals at least a 40% increase in parking revenue. I truly believe I’m being conservative with that figure.

Finally completed a great set of IDN pairing

As readers of my blog know even though I have dropped a lot of domains in general I love GEO dot jps.

I especially love the fact that there is a possibility I can pair the domains. In dot com I can’t imagine being able to get both Kyoto.com & the IDN for it. I have been able to pair up & get both romaji (Western spelling) & Japanese for a few great global locations.

This month using WIXI my ultimate dream came true. I haven’t been registering or buying almost any IDNs but I did win Boston.jp in an auction this month. I already owned the IDN version. It only cost me 21,000 yen  (about $270). This was the second time I tried to get this domain since I started pairing cities. So now I have really good complete st of major cities I have personal interest in.

New York City
Los Angeles

Now if Edwin would trade me his IDN version of Vegas for my IDN version of Roulette that would be great.

Next month at the beginning of the month there should be another Auction by WIXI. I’ve gotten what I really wanted so I’m not worried about competition. The auction has a few hickups but with feedback they fixed the errors & streamlined.

Yahoo Japan Sponsored search Platform launch pushed till October

Yahoo! Japan which has been using the Yahoo! Inc platform Panama will finally migrate to a new system come mid October Yahoo Sponsored Search version 3. The technology backend is a modified version of Google’s own Adwords system but tweaked for Yahoo! Japan’s own requirements. The two company are not merged & will still be competitors in the Japanese market.

Yahoo Japan still dominates the search market but Google is not really far behind. Google Japan has been playing catchup & will carve it’s own niche in future markets especially Youtube, DSP, & Android technology. One problem for Google Japan was that it was often seen in Japan as a non Customer Support company but this year even by visiting the Google office myself I saw they are stepping up adding staff to help smaller companies. This is vital for Japan because Yahoo! Japan has had sales teams coordinating with smaller companies for years. I think this may have been the inspiration for them to launch the みんなのビジネスオンライン service that I discovered by accident.

The New platform will of course have a few changes such as

  • 4 match types instead of 2
  • Account daily spending cap will be eliminated
  • For mobile you may not target each carrier individually.
  • Agencies will have one login for all accounts.
  • Yahoo’s Keyword Suggestion Tool will be updated to include mobile stats

Yahoo! Japan will try to make the migration as simple as possible & will alert customers if there are any issues. Expect not to be able to upload new campaigns, keywords, or copy for about two weeks during the migration.


Google Japan’s みんなのビジネスオンライン Service Screenshots

The Mina no Biz online story deepens. We recently found actual screenshots of the new Google Japan service!!!

Here’s screenshots from Google’s new service. This was the only page I was able to access.
The site will be at www.minbiz.jp which seems to be coming soon but for some reason it was actually fully indexed by Google.

Looks like a good campaign site targeting small business’ in Japan. As someone who runs paid search for clients if Google extends service & support to smaller business in Japan they can increase revenue. Looking forward to the launch.

****** Update Google has pulled the site completely.
I guess they are only human & didn’t realize their own search engine quickly indexed & cached the site because of the sitemap.


Screenshot of Google’s みんなのビジネスオンライン

Google Adwords Editor goes IDN Domain friendly

Google recently updated Adwords editor to version to 9.5.1

One of the greatest change to the appplication is now it allows you to input IDN Domains for the Display URL. If you are unfamiliar with IDN Domains it’s internationalized domain names in native language.

I haven’t tested extensively but I think domains like

海外ホテル.com (international Hotel)
should command a higher CTR which should increase actual conversions to client’s sites.

You still have to comply with Google Adwords policy & the domain & the landing page must match. Some of my clients are testing & using IDN domains based on research I’ve provide for SEO throughout the last 5 years. Now clients will be able to test campaign sites with IDN domains that cater to a specific target. The display URL can be native Japan, Chinese, Russian, Arabic etc but the destination URL must use the punycode version.

Looking forward to seeing good results from this Google, thanx for this.

Domains sales IN Japan

I realize many do not know that there are domain sales going on IN Japan by Japanese.  There has been sales on going for years now. Most people just don’t know where.

Even though this blog is IDN Talk I do not only have interest in promoting IDNs. I am heavily involved in ways of making domain marketing useful for the Japanese market. This includes dot com, dot jp IDN or romaji.

This month WIXI started their new auction platform which I tested out. I’ll write a review about it later. If you used it & have feedback or concerns please do email the team at WIXI they appreciate the feedback.

They have been documenting sales by their system so far.
Out.jp – 300,000 yen ($3,870)
NiceFuture.JP – 35,100 ($452)
YAMAGATA-NET.JP – ¥41,100 – $530

These are only example
More are here


These are not the only sales either. These are sales by WIXI.
Other platforms in Japan currently do not list their sales outside of their systems.
Non IDN .jps are actually selling in Japan.