Facebook has finally killed the Mail Tomo – Hooray!!

Facebook has solved the mystery of the universe for Gaijin in Japan & how to NOT become a Mail Tomo.

Being a 15 year veteran in Tokyo I’ve seen lots of things. Being bilingual opened dialogue with a variety of Japanese people & experiences I may not have gotten to experience otherwise. At various points in my life I’ve had different groups of friends. At one point I was mainly around Japanese who couldn’t speak English. At this point I had a choice on whether to struggle trying to get people to understand English or to just speak Japanese. It’s during this segment of my life I discovered that God awful experience that every gaijin has gone through. Continue reading “Facebook has finally killed the Mail Tomo – Hooray!!”

Japan’s Social Sphere flairs up as Zuckerberg does a surprise visit to Tokyo!!

Mark Zuckerberg shows up in Tokyo

Facebook help their second event in a month a Facebook Mobile Hack event two weeks after their Facebook FMC event. This time Facebook had a surprise guest. Mark Zuckerberg in the flesh.

I could see quite a few personal friends commenting that Facebook might only cater to engineers since a lot of us paid more than $500 to attend Facebook FMC just two weeks ago. Asia as a whole is expanding for Facebook & technology ties is an important element for growth. But yeah I wanted to get to mingle with an under 30 Billionaire too so I understand friend’s comments.

Since I’m not there you can see pix from Asiajin’s blog.



(Update here’s a photo of Mark Zuckerberg & Japan Prime Minister Noda)

Mark Zuckerberg in Tokyo, Japan with Prime Minister Noda

Facebook Japan

Yahoo! Japan’s Panama system will finally end on April 30th 2012

Yahoo has sent an update to digital agencies to remind us all that Yahoo! Japan’s Panama will be laid to rest on April 30th 2012. Last year in 20111 Yahoo! Japan in a worldwide unprecedented move replaced the US’s Yahoo! Inc. made search platform with Yahoo Sponsored Search Ver 3 which was made by Google.

Account managers will no longer be able to log into the system after April 30th 2012. The new system is up & running & is quite a bit better but since it’s made by a different provider. Truthfully the Panama platform was limiting on the data we could get from reports but it’s good to go through your old campaigns & grab what you can while you can.

Why is $3,000 to $5,000 the sweet spot for domains?

I’ve missed a few sales last year always doing research on what I want for domains. On the contrast most buyers reaching out to me offer what they expect to pay for a domain. I began everything on the web as a developer so it was really common for me to register domains that I thought I could develop for my clients. Also back in 1999 ~ 2001 I didn’t know the value of domains I just registered what I really had in mind to develop.

These domains are starting to get request since last year. I’ve sold a few even a dot net or two to my surprise. The thing I’ve learned is people want to pay under $5,000. I had a much easier time selling the domains I just agreed to $3,000 to $5,000. Even for some good terms since I still have technology & finance related domains I’m starting to wonder should I just price them at those rates & sell on Flippa?

I also used this site http://dnsaleprice.com/ to look at sale history while back & really confirms lots of sales happen at that $3,000 to $5,000 price point.

Facebook FMC, Tokyo Japan Otsukare!!

Here’s a few pix from the Facebook FMC event

On Friday Facebook held not only it’s first major marketing event in Tokyo but it’s first event outside of the US. The event was packed with a variety of marketing professionals.  I ran into top level people in digital advertising on the agency side, personal client consultants, & even a few people who make a living through their Facebook Pages. The event did cater to everyone.

The event started at 10:30am in Mid Town Hall hosted by Japan growth manager Taro Kodama. Each 45 minute session was filled with insights to Facebook’s strategy, it’s global background, & Taro even gave an insight to exactly what the local team has been doing. Continue reading “Facebook FMC, Tokyo Japan Otsukare!!”

New Startups Please register your .jp, .cn, & .co.kr

Thinking about starting a Global SNS or startup? Read this first.

Get Your Dot JPA lot of technology companies think of going global from the start. One problem that affects many is getting relevant domains. If you have a really unique made up name please go & register the domains for global expansion. If you don’t do it there will always be some Japanese guy who will register the .jp because he thinks he can sell it to you.

It’s happened to so many companies. Even if you sue to get the domain it still can hinder your growth. I moniter the .jps frequently and even though it was never publicized this is what happened to Google’s YouTube. I know there was a Japanese guy’s name on the registration for YouTube.jp & when it went over to Google then they started to promote YouTube.jp.

The price is not as high as you think. Most of the English sites have .jp at $100 because they know companies want them eventually. It’s half that price on any Japanese site so please know you are getting robbed. I’m hoping this site to be a hub for those wishing to venture into Japan. So if you’d like advice or anything just go to my page on FaceBook or LinkedIn & message me.

Get it before others do.

Tokyo Media War Facebook is attacking the City!!

I guess we’ll have to face it. This week we can officially say that Facebook will start to lay claim to the media market in Japan. I know that most you will immediately say to yourselves “Isn’t Facebook already in Japan?”. Well Yes but technically no, well not really. Continue reading “Tokyo Media War Facebook is attacking the City!!”

New blog & stuff

I started a new blog recently. It’s International Social Media Marketing. I thought it was perfect timing since Facebook is holding it’s first FMC in Tokyo on Friday. I just got my ticket & pretty excited to go.

My personal Facebook story is whether the readers of this blog like it or not these young kids built up an empire in the same time frame that we were all parking our domains***. I was actually in Boston when they launched Facebook & knew it was a student only site.  Many of the top people in the ad industry will be there.

It’s an all day event with a meet greet & mingling afterwards & wondering if Mark Zuckerberg will make a surprise visit. I dub this Facebook Japan week. The digital environment in Tokyo will change after this.

***Point is WE say we have the best but not many of us are doing much with it. WE need to do more in terms of development.