Facebook hooks up with WordPress unfortunately it doesn’t work well

Facebook this year released an official plugin for connecting your WordPress blog with your Facebook personal profile or Page. With the amount of brilliant engineers at Facetonia most of us WordPress users most likely had a lot of expectations.
Most of us are already using a plugin like Facebook Simple Connect by independent developer Otto. So I tried the official official plugin.
Truthfully I was disappointed but it does have some great features.

The syncing your post function which is vital doesn’t look at how most are using WordPress. It tries to post everything to the Facebook Page. You write a new static page on WordPress it tries to post it. You create something in a Custom Post from a plugin it tries to post it. This needs to go. Let users select which type of post can be posted.

Scheduled post I hear doesn’t work I haven’t tested it though.

There are things I like though.
I like the comment system and the fact that everything is smartphone compatible. The engineers at Facetonia did a very good job on that.
I also like the recommendation option. It recommends post within your site users might be interested in. With this also I wish there was an option to select what can be recommended because I don’t need my contact page or my Foobar to be recommended reading.

FaceBook has also opened up the plugin so programmers can contribute code to it. This is a good move and I might sound like I’m complaining but if I could programming I would be trying to help make it more user friendly.

Overall I was disappointed but it’s just the beginning of this plugin.
I strongly believe that this plugin will be the first step towards the Adsense killer for bloggers. I have no insider scoop but if you know your stuff you propably figured that out too.

I went back to syncing post via Facebook Simple Connect but I do use the comment system from the new plugin.
They should just hire that Otto guy.