Google may have killed drop catching

I haven’t really paid attention to domaining recently. I’m not a promoter at all of buying domains just for investments. I do think you should purchase quality domains within your budget for projects you want to develop still.

I still actually register domains. Almost all of them are domains I want to develop.

Something that I noticed lately on registering an expired domain that didn’t resolve to a web site is that Google had made links to that site nonexistant. On Bing the backlinks were there. On Yahoo, still there, on Googkle backlinks zero. I looked at other domains too that were expired, not resolving to a site & obviously had backlinks. All of them we couldn’t see any of the backlinks from Google.

If Google devalues all existing backlinks to a domain after it expires, it will crush the domain drop catching market. Currently this is the case & situation that’s happening with expired .jp (Japanese market). I don’t like to just assume so I’m currently testing with a new domain purchase. Will the prior backlinks become visable again? Will Google only show new backlinks I acquire for that domain? I spoke with the SEO experts here who noticed this the same time I did as I discussed my new domain domain purchase.

I don’t think drop catching services would publicize this if it’s true. I’m still doing testing & it will take a few months to get the site reindexed & backlinks showing. I’m also investing on ads to make sure it had legitimate content & users who come back to the site.

I’m not downing domaining at all. I just don’t subscribe to it’s the best thing to invest in just because I want to sell domains. I want any of the readers of this blog to be presented with new ideas, or information as accurate as possible. These backlinks might show back up later, that’s why I strongly suggest you to test on your own also. Since the site didn’t resolve the links to the site may not have resolved. When the domain appears back in Google will the backlinks to that domain reappear? That’s what needs to be tested.

*I’m believe in the past I saw links to expired domains after I purchased them.