Facebook options I wish I could have

Facebook options I wish I could have. I know it’s not easy to give everyone what they want but here’s a few from my private wish list.

1. See all my friend’s posts by default
There’s been an algorithm that selects which popup posts show up in my feed, but unfortunately I’ve friended people who I’m actually interested in what they are saying or what’s going on in their lives.
There’s quite a lot of people who’s post don’t show up at all & I might not comment or Like their status but I’d like to choose to Hide them if they are postaholics

2. Non-Sharable Post
Do you have that personal friend, or family member that seems to only know how to hit the Share button? Never writing a single thing themselves? Sometimes you share things just with family that you believe is obviously private but they hit the Share button. This prevents that.

3. Search within MY Posts
Have you ever written something that you wanted to go back to easily? Sure you have, coming from an SEM background & seeing all of those search options you’d think this would be a no brainer.

4. Search within my friend’s Posts
Someone ever write something REALLY GOOD but you forgot who wrote it? This comes in handy there.

5. Hide Shared Items from XXXX on my Timeline
Some people write a bit of good content themselves & Share every single thing that made them laugh, or had Jesus in it. There are some people;e who share quality things but for those who just share everything I’d love to limit their post to just content they write.

6. Bring back the message on the friend request.
This was actually very handy but I understand that SPAM took this option away. If you are an active person you can see a message & realize where you met that person from, or if it’s someone with just a random image they could say “Hey it’s Dee the bouncer from Vietti’s back in the day (Yeah I went there!!). Currently it’s easier to not accept because you don’t know who it is.

7. A private note on each person or custom nicknames (Old Mixi Feature)
Can we have a private note on folk. Something searchable by us. I have a few Japanese friends with Kanji names. For the life of me I forget their kanji characters & can’t easily contact them.

8. Show all posts from a PAGE
Some of us are actually passionate about certain Brands & Like their Pages. I realize how EdgeRank works & it’s based on engagement. When you are busy, or in one of those passive markets like Japan, there’s sometimes you just really want to see the Brand Pages post.

9. Stop Showing when I was online last!!
If your Laptop is still on at the house & your clients are connected to you, it will seem like you are online all the time. I’m a Mac user. My MacBook Pro is usually on with the browser window open. There’s plenty of situations that make it seem like you are connected & online when you are not.
We should have an option to show this status.

10. Confirm before being added to Group
If you got those cousins who are trying to help you out by adding you to the “Freak of the Week” private group, this one’s for you. Especially when social media is part of your job & they added you just before you are doing a webcast about Facebook using your account. Not so good if your clients were all women.

In all the Platform is mature & I’m happy with it. They do unfortunately need to work on search.

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