9 differences with Facebook Japanese users

Facebook_Japanese_FanI will state that I have two Facebook accounts. My accounts were created before Facebook let you filter posts to people so I have one which contains all the folk I knew in the US as a kid spanning Boston, Georgia, NYC, & California.

The other account is friends in Japan, lots of artists, coworkers, & personal friends.
Since I have these accounts separated I can clearly tell you there is a difference in what I see or don’t see with Facebook Japanese users.
1. Game Request
I can’t remember receiving a single game request on my Japan account. My US account initially I didn’t login so much so I was even surprised there was games on Facebook.
I do think people are playing games but I don’t think they mass send invites to everyone they know. If they did they would get busted at work for playing Farmville.
2. Tag you to promote their Event
This is something I just never understood. You cool with someone, they are an artist building their following. You are a promoter who doesn’t even come to their event & you tag the person to promote your event to their connections. I have not seen my artist friends in Japan do this.
3. No Weed pix
I get it, it’s a misdemeanor in the US but there’s folks even in States that weed is illegal that post pix of them smoking. They must have fried a few brain cells. I never see Japanese (within my network) post incrementing stuff.
4. Share your personal post for no reason
You got a family member that never writes & just shares everything? To the point that you wonder is it really her or a robot? I got one but only in the US.
5. Never write just share
I like to see what people actually think, so it’s a bit disappointing when you have someone who exclusively only shares articles & never writes a single, anything… Nothing..
6. If it has anything to do with Jesus the world MUST SEE IT
Now I believe in God but don’t believe that I’m getting heaven cool points by sharing every Jesus pix, or Liking every religious post. Actually I believe if you went out & helped someone in need, that would be better than the Likes. Anyhoot, not a lot of religious posts in my feed.
7. “A Real Man Is”
Oh this one’s my pet peeve that I don’t find from Japanese friends.
Those post that describe exactly the type of guy you didn’t initially seek out but it’s the quality you want now.
8. Beefing (Fighting for some of you)
I have to admit I might see this more because it is family, but I haven’t seen lots of fights online from people in Japan.
9. People locked up using Facebook
I won’t go further into this one.
In the end it shows that platforms can be used different by different cultures.
I’m sure there’s more differences but these are just things that stand out to me.


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