Alternative to Domain Parking for your Domain Names

Are there alternatives to domain parking

Alternative to Domain Parking for your Domain Names

Alternatives to domain parking does exist. Recently I removed all of my domains from domain parking. Here’s what I did with about 150 domains that I own.

This year I started to think more about what to do with my domain portfolio. I started to research what are alternatives to domain parking. I’m not against domain parking but I just thought that perhaps it’s time to try something new.

These were some of my thoughts

– Ad inventory is decreasing, the amount of companies that want to be on parked pages seems to be decreasing. Some of the parketing companies have tried to design better pages but the reality is it’s 2017 & it’s a parking page.

– It’s a black box on the revenue share. We don’t know how the revenue share works. I had the luxury of seeing data on a parking feed around 2007 or 2008. That certainly wasn’t what any of the parking companies paid me for my clicks. For clarity this was on my own domains at the time.
– The domain portfolio sites might not be the best place for MY domain sales. There’s too many to choice from & I’m thinking about how to have my domains stick out.

Is Amazon the Answer?
I initially thought if pointing all of my domains to Amazon with a referral code. Most of my domains are travel or entertainment related so I thought this might not be the best user experience.

I also thought was there a solution I can set once & leave.

My Solution
This Domain is for Sale Plugin

Key Takeaways

  • IDN Domain Compatible
  • Configure one main domain, point the rest of your domains of that domain & each domain resolves to it’s own sales site.
  • You market your portfolio without conflicts, if someone likes another domain, & contact you, they all belong to you or your organization.
  • It’s a WordPress plugin but comes with a free compatible template
  • I’m developing several of domains this year on Google Cloud Platform but
  • I set this up on shared hosting on Hostgator

I’m not in a rush to sell the domains I really want to develop but this provides a good solution for people to reach out to me.

If you use this solution I’d also suggest using
A Stats Plugin that sits on your server
Contact 7 honeypot (get rid of bots)
Google Analytics

I haven’t added ads to my site but it’s an option if I want to.
The most time you take will be setting all those domains on your server side & domain provider side. Since I have dot jps & dot coms at two different companies I split the task in two days. Initially with my dot coms & then my dot jp.

My portfolio is at in case you wanted to see how it looks.

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