Alternative to Domain Parking for your Domain Names

Alternative to Domain Parking for your Domain Names

Alternatives to domain parking does exist. Recently I removed all of my domains from domain parking. Here’s what I did with about 150 domains that I own.

This year I started to think more about what to do with my domain portfolio. I started to research what are alternatives to domain parking. I’m not against domain parking but I just thought that perhaps it’s time to try something new.

These were some of my thoughts Continue reading “Alternative to Domain Parking for your Domain Names”

Google has a seperate classifier for parked domains to deindex them.

I was looking through some post from a programmer friend.

Then I saw this.

In the post Matt Cutts basically says some sites were de-indexed from Google.

They mistakenly classified some sites as parked domains & deindexed them all.

I know it’s sort of known but this just reinforces why you should think about development of a few properties.
Not minisites, not one pagers, but develop.

Google controls most parking feeds so they make the rules.
They changed it so you can’t use a redirect because if you use a frame they can’t deindex you.
You can’t promote it, you can’t advertise, you can’t tell friends, you can’t control your property.
In this situation how can you make more with your properties?


Few things to catch up on in 2012 with development

Hello guys it’s now 2012 & I’m going to try to increase your awareness for development. I do park a lot of domains that I can’t development but still always looking to develop a few more properties. These are things that I believe you should be looking into as you develop.

1. Use scripts CMS etc to create platforms.
Who cares if domainers think you aren’t a developer because you don’t design everything yourself. Your goal is to create functional sites that users like & use. Now scripts are cheaper than ever & in abundant. You can try or even CodeCanyon

2. Think Mobile (Smartphone)
Many theme developers & script makers are creating responsive themes and responsive designs already. This means the platforms will run out the box smartphone compatible. This allows you to increase your viewship.

3. Think Apps
Many scripts even now offer development of iPhone or Android apps for not much more. This is great because it reduces costs if the developer of the script is involved.

4. Advertise guys
One common thing I’ve seen is people who create great sites & expect everything to be organic. Promote yourself. Even if you find a site to put your banners on for $100 a month do it. Facebook advertising is great too and budgets are flexible.

5. Facebook or Social in general
Think about Social Media marketing. Try to incorporate many of the marketing tools available to you. Aquire targeted audiences via Facebook, Twitter, Mixi, Cyworld, or whatever.

Domains are great but if you get in a conversation with marketers be prepared to talk to them on their level. How can one compare domains to other marketing initiatives if they are unfamiliar with other mediums? I’ve started out trying to prep whoever reads my posts with simple introductions to develop. I believe you start simple get used to looking at results & it expands your knowledge. By know you guys should be pros though.

I’m spending most of writing time going over the Social Media expansion here in Japan.
You can find some of my latest writings at (International Social Media Marketing)

WordPress Tips & IDNs

I’ve been having good results on developing & wanted to share some tips on wordpress.

I’ve used so many CMS systems since 1999 I can’t count. Currently I primarily use wordpress even the first version of IDN Forums had a wordpress blog in 2005. At the time there were only a few domain bloggers. My other sites at the time ran on Drupal, Mambo, or even on phpbb at the time. Anyhoot with the latest buzz on WordPress like it’s something new I’d like to share a few tips to ease you from plenty of frustration.

1. Buy a membership to a Theme site like Studio Press or Elegant Themes or even Graph Paper Press. One Price & get all their themes will save you in the long run. I used Studio Press since the month it originally came out. Truthfully I’ve made my money back tenfold. The Genesis themes are not as easy to modify as non Framework themes but they have really great support.

2. Custom Post Types – These things suck. Really they do. There are regular posts & Custom Post Types. Before all plugins attached themselves to regular post. Now Plugin makers want their plugins to be attached to Custom Post Types. The problem with that is that you have to modify every aspect of your site to get the Custom Post Type to act like a regular post. Custom Post Type Plugins don’t always show up on the front page of your site or even are selectable in lots of style options you want to make. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you get there.

3. Keep your installation up to date. I actually do it for several other blogs but the IDN readership is low so I haven’t exactly kept up with the Jones here. Keeping it up to date will have a benefit to search as Google does look at version numbers in their algorithm it seems.

4. Don’t use the same plugins you used 3 years ago. Test out new plugins. You might surprise yourself that some new plugin developer has made a better SEO or Analytics Plugin. Test Test Test.

5. Buy Good Plugins. Go to a site like CodeCanyon & but plugins. If you use those is sites to dominate non English markets you can pretty much create some great sites. Also try to test out Free versions that have an upsell you might find a few great plugins that way.

6. Blogging is about being social. Another thing I don’t really stick to on this blog but do for others. Give credit to others & they will write about you. One of my sites I’ve pretty much has a over 80% rate of having Japanese give me a link back.

7. IDN compatible plugins. There used to be like 2, then about 3, 2 to 3 years ago. There’s about 10 plugins on WordPress that enhance IDN Compatibility.

A little bit busy this week, still the beginning of the year, but wanted to feed yall with knowledge. (Hopefully) I’ll post one of the sites after I create about 4 of them.

Social Media compatibility fixes

I was contacted by Twitter the Japan team who looked over the fact that IDN Domains on the profiles on iPhone comes out messed up. IDN Domains come out fine in the time stream and on other platforms that IDN URL comes out fine in Unicode. They informed me that they will issue a fix for this & are working on it.

They unfortunately don’t have an immediate solution for IDN Domains turning to punycode when Twitter tries to shorten the URL. I understand this needs more time perhaps.

We can clear these small issues if we develop & report them. Do the same in your priority market.

I’m having a bit of success lately growing one site from 50 uniques a day to 150 uniques yesterday in one month. I plan to do the exact same thing for 4 to 5 other sites. It takes work & it’s not automatic to gain users who come back. You have to plan. I think I can get the first site to 400 uniques per day at least by the end of next month (Targeted users, no inflated traffic, etc). My goal is to create 5 sites by summer the same way different themes. Having the category killer domain helps a lot.

Keep thinking parking is gonna be the ultimate goal guys, remember I’m the guy in Japan who’s main job is putting those ads on the parking pages.

You guys stay great.. Let’s Grow…

IDN Development Ramblings (also 200th post)

I’ve been doing this blog I feel like forever. This is my 200th post & well it’s just going to be new 2012 development ramblings.

1. Traffic from shortening services is displayed in Google Analytics as Direct traffic even though it isn’t. You have to make a plan to anylize referers seperatedly.
2. BITLY shortners have an issue with IDNs this needs to be fixed. Only one person so far has contacted support about it. Support notices are public & people vote on it. If you use the API it’s no problem but if you paste in an IDN punycode or not it doesn’t go to the link.
3.  Traffic from Social Facebook & Twitter mobile devices. I was surprised to find that one of my sites the bounce rate from links on Social Media are an incredible 7%. Yeah no mistype. I’ve never had a segment of referrals anywhere near that low.
4. I spoke to one of my former coworkers who heads a major ad technology in Tokyo. He told me currently it’s good to revisit Adsense. I’ve taken adsense off my sites but he told me that the quality of inventory matching has improved since years back. He also accredited to introduction of remarketing by Google. I’m not advising anyone to create cheap looking sites at all. I do recommend starting small at first & growing your site. Try to create quality.
5. Buying traffic. A lot of people believe buying advertisements is just trying to buy clicks to ads. It’s not. For example later I’ll launch a Facebook campaign for one of my domains. I will pay for users to join the Facebook page. The reason being is that I want to grow the audience. That page is updated with content from the site. If I pay $3 to capture that user to my page & they frequent that site for a year or more, share the info with their friends etc. Isn’t this worth it? Advertising for publishers is about expanding your user base.
6. Ads are not just Clicks.
Seems like many forget with advertising you don’t just get paid per click. There’s also CPM( Cost per Impression) . I’m trying to hire 2 writers by April on a weekly basis. Increase the content, increase revenue even if no one clicks.
7. Dot Com in katakana
Lately I’ve had a few referrals come to my site with searches with dot com in katakana. As some are reading this I know you are thinking “We told You”. I want to explain to you WHY this is happening. I started testing strong Twitter marketing. Twitter doesn’t allow you to put .com in your username. As a result with strong Twitter marketing I’ve started to get Japanese users searching for the name I put on the Twitter account. I’ve ONLY gotten search referrals like that AFTER I started Twitter marketing. My point is users will search for dot com in native languages for existing sites. Especially for sites that has been branded that way.
8. Traffic Origins
Some may say that I’m wrong about where traffic comes from or basically about anything I would say in general. I’m making assumptions based on doing testing of the traffic. If I’m wrong about redirects, traffic being mostly mobile, etc do the research to prove it invalid. I’m not doing the testing to be right. I do the research because I hope others would too so we can have accurate information about IDN domains. If you truly believe that the average educated Chinese, or Arabic parked domain user gets to the site because they append dot com to any keyword they are search for, & will do so for dot com in their language in the future do proper research & display the results. Even if you loose revenue for a week place your parking page in an iframe & put Google Analytics in the code. This will give you 100% insights to exactly where your traffic is coming from. Imagine if we had at least a sample of 5 domains from each language that would do this test. We don’t need exact traffic numbers just the percentages.

In ending I’ll make it firm that I like developing with IDN Domains. If they are not selling why not invest in developing your property.  Times are hard I realize many people have invested in IDNs because of something I created in 2005. We would all be stunned if Apple’s Safari browser changes that redirect. Other browsers have.

IDN Development is needed for IDN Progression

IDN Development is needed for IDN Progression

I personally believe that development is needed for IDNs to progress. I know, I know I always say this.

Currently I’m updating a few Japanese IDN sites I have. In doing this there are still technical issues with some technologies. As I go through this I want to check what is compatible & what’s not.

How would tech companies know that their technology is not compatible with IDNs if we don’t develop & let them know?

This is really a big one for me.
Remember when Google Analytics had a bug that was showing almost all IDN traffic from IE was coming from IE6 but other domains had a great mixture of IE6, IE7, & IE8? I contacted Google made them aware of this got the fix posted it here & now it’s actually fixed in Google Analytics.

Here’s my post about it.
I was in contact with them a year before I posted that.

This still needs to be done & still needs to be done openly. The recent issues I’m going through are with Twitter & Facebook. They both have done great jobs at being IDN friendly but some compatibility issues still exist.

1. In Twitter with the Twitter shortener it turns the IDN domain back to Punycode. That’s not cool.
2. On Twitter iPhone app if you have an IDN domain in your profile it displays as %/ etc. That also is certainly not good.

Things like this needs to be reported. When I started developing IDNs Google didn’t give PageRank to IDNs. This was a Google bug they didn’t know about. I even wrote on Matt Cutts blog about this. Currently there are IDNs with PageRank (unfortunately PageRank doesn’t matter anymore).

I already know that some may say Twitter, FaceBook, & Social Media aren’t relevant. They are to advertisers. They are to the people who maybe interested in IDNs in the future.
We have so many great domains in people’s hands but also so many just sitting with 2003 thoughts about the market & marketing.
I want people to be prepared to answer questions from potential buyers.
If I buy this domain can I use it in “Widgets” Campaign or are there any incompatibility issues?
A potential buyer might actually be turned off by “Well I don’t know” or “That’s for you to research”. Some of us have been holding IDNs for 5 to 10 years. You should know, actually we should care & be proactive. Even if it’s little by little.

As always this is my opinion I think I’ll have a few new IDN projects to display over the next few months.

Great of example of the answer to “What about if they want to view the domain overseas?”

While being involved in international domains, I sometimes get someone who says something like “What if the person is overseas & wants to view an IDN on another computer in a foreign country?”

The answer to that is for Japan is it really necessary to set up your business to cater to this?
People are realizing that Japanese companies can do VERY WELL within the Japanese ecosystem. It’s currently companies that are relying on export sales that are hurting.

Do you need to set up your business to cater to that one single occasion that somebody on a company trip forgot their laptop? Sounds like a good question to those who ask it, but in reality only way to go to an important meeting without your computer is if it’s stolen or lost in transit. In those situations you either postpone or get another one & have someone send you files.

Think Reality…

PS there seems to be quite a few more companies snatching up dot jp domains lately.

New Geo Domain Association IDN Friendly?

DN Journal just posted about a new GEO organization for publishers Geo Publishers. One quick thing I noticed that could be helpful is that they will not be only .com based. This means there is a possibility for IDN & international focused GEO domain publishers to join. Their annual membership fees also aren’t too high just $395 for non dot coms. The problem is I’m not sure if this is per domain or not. Also what about if you own IDN dot coms.

Most likely they will clear this up. Good luck & hopefully a few IDNs Geo sites will get developed & benefit from their knowledge.

DNJournal article

SEO & IDN article for Japan

Here’s an article from Andy Radovic head of Digital at GroupM Japan.
With new technologies companies need to know the benefits. They need to test themselves to realize potential. I’m not so much into “domaining” but like to embrace technologies like IDN Domains to better marketing strategies.

Happy New New Year.