Ginza 6 Opening Event Photos

I had a chance to attend the pre opening part for the new Ginza 6 building in Tokyo. It’s the lastest high end fashion icon in Ginza. The building was truly beautiful inside & out.

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堂本剛 ジンジャー pv – Domoto Tsuyoshi’s Ginger Music Video

堂本剛 ジンジャー pv – Domoto Tsuyoshi’s Ginger Music Video

I’ve been told by my friend’s that they’ve already seen my part in Domoto Tsuyoshi’s new music video for the his upcoming album. A friend of mine recorded Mezamashi TV’s clip which introduces the new music video for the song Ginger. I actually forgot exactly what I did in my scene & was surprised it came out so well & funny. Mezamashi TV aired on January 28th locally here in Tokyo.

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Nayokenza releases new music video Lavender

NayokenzaLocal Tokyo artist Nayokenza released a new track from an upcoming EP titled “Lavender”.
Nayo goes a bit more melodic on this track but keeps to his unique sound. The video was shot by Charbel Bou-Antoun in Tokyo.

If you are not familiar with Nayokenza he’s part of the team that’s bring fun dance parties back in style with Woodoff Dance Party. You can also find him DJ at many of the hot spots in Tokyo Trump Room, Le Baron, & others.

Here’s the video.
You can find Nayo via Facebook at  or his official blog

It was a different world 50 years ago

Today in the US people are paying tribute the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King.

A lot of times I decline to write about what everyone else is. I often think many of us lost the meaning of what was going on in the civil rights movement. The people of all races that love this man, loved him because he wanted equality of all people. This is stronger than just Black & White race relations during that time. It was the base of the foundation that would stop discrimination of someone just because they were not like you.

I realize by living outside the US this was very much needed in the US. America is a multicultural country & discrimination only keeps the dominant race in power & any others poorer. Although the problem at the time seemed to happen between blacks & whites, latinos, asians, muslims, homosexuals, indians also had to bear the burden of discrimination.

Things are better than they were 50 years ago in terms of Civil Rights & opportunities that you can have regardless of your race, gender, or color. Let’s try to encourage each other for advancement. Advancement of all people.

This is my tribute to a great man. If it wasn’t for freedom fighters like you I wouldn’t have any of my life experiences I cherish.

These are the people on the interwebs!!

Fred-Rogers-3These are the people on the interweb, on the inter web, on the inta~weh~eb, these are the people on the inter web. They folk that you see each day!!

With the creation of Social Media, the web has transformed the internet to be a place where everyone truly has a chance to have an actual voice. I’ve been creating sites since 1998 & realize that people will use the internet in the way that caters to them.

This is a list of the folk I see & their function to the interweb Society of the world
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2014 & Beyond

Finally I decided to start my own blog site about things that interest me personally.

Most of the things that interest me are related to art, fashion, health, digital marketing (I get deep there sometimes), travel, & music.

I do have several other blogs, but it’s time to concentrate on this one & just write once in a while.

Hope you all enjoy it..

昨日の撮影 (Santastic TV)

Santa TVのネット番組
Santa Inoueのネット番組に出た。
Tokyo Tribe 2 とSantasticブランドはSantaさんの作品。
漫画あるしWowWowで出てるのTokyo Tribe 2のアニメ番組あるしSaru雑誌もあるし
Craig on Santastic TV