Someone been doing some mining

It’s been a while since I logged into my Wixi parking stats. Seems the promotion of the IDN event & the fact the Yen rate is at record highs there has been a tremendous number of views for my Japanese portfolio from the US. I’m noticing more clicks coming from the US to my dot Jps on certain days. So I’m guessing it’s keyword mining from someone.

Also since dot Nihon .日本 is coming soon people are starting to look at the .jp a bit more. Yeah registrations are going down but once .日本 comes out JPRS can start promoting the new product.

Check your stats if you have a dot jp portfolio. For me it’s not formal to have 5 various days in the month with US traffic at 15% click thru rate. I think my Japan CTR is about 12% average.

Anyway this is just an update… Anyone who is looking you could just contact me.

Misleading things Pro domainers say

When I get a chance to read a domain blog I keep seeing constant misleading information especially about Yahoo & Google cheating domain investors. This isn’t exactly true guys. You always see them write something like Google gets $5 a click & gives us $.10 & our traffic is better. This definitely isn’t true.

In Yahoo’s case not everyone can use a Yahoo feed so yeah the payout is quite higher. I even ran my sites on Yahoo Japan’s feed for one year. The average domainer can’t use the Yahoo feed so over 90% of domain investors have no relationship with Yahoo in the first place. The Yahoo feed is not like Google but realize their ad inventory took a major hit last year worldwide.

In Google’s case the search feed & the feed used for domains are two completely different networks. Two different pricing models too. So yeah advertising on Google directly cost more. Advertising on a parked domain cost less. Think that parked domains convert “better”. Next time you guys go to work & talk to the marketing manager tell him you want to put 30% of the advertising budget on parked domains. Take your investment out of the equation & think when was the last time you bought your lady something because you saw it on a parked domain?

Development whether minor or large scale is totally different. The CPA model mass development also makes quite a different. The ad market was down last year the content network is pretty much the first to go when creating small budget campaigns. Although I respect the Pro Domains & what they do, it seems like they don’t understand the Google thing fully.

Pretty Good post about Domainers & PCC

I was originally a site developer before getting into investing in domains. Even though I couldn’t manage daily upkeep of every domain back then being a developer & then having a business plan of depending on parking to me just doesn’t make sense.

I am not against domain parking but I see it as a where to store domains I can’t develop.

These are the factors working against you.

1. Google has an exclusive contract with most of the domain parking companies. They can’t use another feed.
2. Domain parking was good before because up until IE 7 Internet Explorer automatically directed any keyword you put into the browser to the dot com. That feature is GONE
3. Google has the parking revenue & statistics data & invested in Mozilla & Firefox & they changed from redirecting to dot com automatically to Google search.
4. In Google before when you searched for it used to give one result. Your domain. Not anymore it gives you a variety of competitors especially if your domain is parked.
5. A few years ago if you ran the Content network for advertising there wasn’t a choose you had to advertising on parked pages. Now this is one of the first thing we turn off. (Sorry it’s true, we look conversions not clicks)

Think about it Google controls Domain parking & has told us that we have let the domain just lie there, we can’t promote it, we can’t backlink to it, they will usually deindex it from the search listings. Should you run a business on this.

I want the option to create a network drive people to my site & create conversions anyway I can.

I was a bit inspired to write this after seeing this.

I don’t think it’s at a point where IDN investors are not making money but it can be improved.

These are the points I fully agree with

1.  Just because it gets 24,300 searches for those keywords and a $7.40 CPC doesn’t mean you’re going to get any of those people

3. You paid more for the domain than you could possibly make on PPC in the next 3 years

6.  Somebody is going to outwork you, outspend you, and out SEO you for that money

8.  You don’t know what to do with the visitors once they get to your site.

12. You won’t pay for help. You,  like everyone else in domaining,  think they are an SEO master

15. You spend more time reading than doing and trying

16. PPC is a poor business model

#3 & #6 I believe if you can pay over $1,000 for one domain you can find someone or a team to develop for you.

I want IDN holders to develop. I want them to start looking into it & build up their own development tools. I know I don’t write about what software I’m using etc because I’ve been collecting & buying php scripts, plugins & Templates for about 13 years now. Even for the new shopping sites I’m using some old plugins plus new ones. This got me up & running to a good phase 1.

I’ve gotten a few emails & comments about this blog going a bit private to concentrate on development more. I think it’s time to look into it more. Since no one links to this site or credits it anyway I’m not worried about loosing traffic.

To sum things up these 5 things killed parking. The parking companies make less but Google makes more.

Question of the Year

I like to look at those problems people have & find the answers. We have to resolve client inquiries with traffic & statistics all the time so I think today’s question can apply to some of you.

Now I want to say I’m pretty happy using Wixi’s parking service. I’ve done a few tweeks lately & revenue from parking is actually getting better little by little. Even though I’ve pulled off domains & started developing.

So my question of the year is:

Let’s say you have a domain parked. You get 2,000 visits for the month. You have a 40% Click through rate but your average click costs is .03 cents.

How is this possible?

Should I be worried about rogue bots? Spammers? Will I get this domain kicked off parking because the Click through rate is too high.

Ok that’s it for me let’s see what answers you guys give then I’ll update ya.
I’ll wait till I have a few comments by various individuals then I’ll answer it fully.
I’ll tell you if one of you get it right.

Best posts I’ve read on a domain blog

I’ll start this post with a link.

I’ve wanted to write up that some of the measurements used by domaining is a bit flawed. Unfortunately I feel responsible because I too started the IDN Community using things like Overture International bids as a benchmark. These figures are only to be used in relation to see what the market is willing to pay for keywords. The CPC figures have no direct relation to what you will ever get if you park your domain or use adsense. Affiliate is something else, or direct advertising through banners if you create your own network.

I run PPC ads for clients throughout Asia. Those CPC rates that Google supplies or even Yahoo Search Marketing supplies are for companies advertising to see what they are going to spend on the search network. For the content network (now named the Google Display Network) neither Google or Yahoo provides any search data for estimates. It’s more like if you use the content network advertisers put in what they feel like putting in. Usually a starting CPC in most industries is about 50 cents. High CPC for the content network is about $1.

The Search listings is what makes companies money & conversions. The Content network on both Google & Yahoo are mainly for Branding. So 2000 was about traffic 2005 & on was about Conversions. So if you wonder what CPC you are entitled to for most industries except Finance the max CPC for content is generally around $1. So this is a post to explain to anyone wondering why is CPC looking so high but you get .20 cents.

Yahoo Japan feed is different. It actually pays out higher. I can’t explain how but many of my domains ran on Yahoo’s feed for more than a year. The payout was different. I’m sort of trying to work out something for someone with my peeps from Yahoo. Lets see if it pans out or not.