Facebook options I wish I could have

Facebook options I wish I could have. I know it’s not easy to give everyone what they want but here’s a few from my private wish list.

1. See all my friend’s posts by default
There’s been an algorithm that selects which popup posts show up in my feed, but unfortunately I’ve friended people who I’m actually interested in what they are saying or what’s going on in their lives.
There’s quite a lot of people who’s post don’t show up at all & I might not comment or Like their status but I’d like to choose to Hide them if they are postaholics

2. Non-Sharable Post
Do you have that personal friend, or family member that seems to only know how to hit the Share button? Never writing a single thing themselves? Sometimes you share things just with family that you believe is obviously private but they hit the Share button. This prevents that.

3. Search within MY Posts
Have you ever written something that you wanted to go back to easily? Sure you have, coming from an SEM background & seeing all of those search options you’d think this would be a no brainer.

4. Search within my friend’s Posts
Someone ever write something REALLY GOOD but you forgot who wrote it? This comes in handy there.

5. Hide Shared Items from XXXX on my Timeline
Some people write a bit of good content themselves & Share every single thing that made them laugh, or had Jesus in it. There are some people;e who share quality things but for those who just share everything I’d love to limit their post to just content they write.

6. Bring back the message on the friend request.
This was actually very handy but I understand that SPAM took this option away. If you are an active person you can see a message & realize where you met that person from, or if it’s someone with just a random image they could say “Hey it’s Dee the bouncer from Vietti’s back in the day (Yeah I went there!!). Currently it’s easier to not accept because you don’t know who it is.

7. A private note on each person or custom nicknames (Old Mixi Feature)
Can we have a private note on folk. Something searchable by us. I have a few Japanese friends with Kanji names. For the life of me I forget their kanji characters & can’t easily contact them.

8. Show all posts from a PAGE
Some of us are actually passionate about certain Brands & Like their Pages. I realize how EdgeRank works & it’s based on engagement. When you are busy, or in one of those passive markets like Japan, there’s sometimes you just really want to see the Brand Pages post.

9. Stop Showing when I was online last!!
If your Laptop is still on at the house & your clients are connected to you, it will seem like you are online all the time. I’m a Mac user. My MacBook Pro is usually on with the browser window open. There’s plenty of situations that make it seem like you are connected & online when you are not.
We should have an option to show this status.

10. Confirm before being added to Group
If you got those cousins who are trying to help you out by adding you to the “Freak of the Week” private group, this one’s for you. Especially when social media is part of your job & they added you just before you are doing a webcast about Facebook using your account. Not so good if your clients were all women.

In all the Platform is mature & I’m happy with it. They do unfortunately need to work on search.

Facebook hooks up with WordPress unfortunately it doesn’t work well

Facebook this year released an official plugin for connecting your WordPress blog with your Facebook personal profile or Page. With the amount of brilliant engineers at Facetonia most of us WordPress users most likely had a lot of expectations.
Most of us are already using a plugin like Facebook Simple Connect by independent developer Otto. So I tried the official official plugin.
Truthfully I was disappointed but it does have some great features.

The syncing your post function which is vital doesn’t look at how most are using WordPress. It tries to post everything to the Facebook Page. You write a new static page on WordPress it tries to post it. You create something in a Custom Post from a plugin it tries to post it. This needs to go. Let users select which type of post can be posted.

Scheduled post I hear doesn’t work I haven’t tested it though.

There are things I like though.
I like the comment system and the fact that everything is smartphone compatible. The engineers at Facetonia did a very good job on that.
I also like the recommendation option. It recommends post within your site users might be interested in. With this also I wish there was an option to select what can be recommended because I don’t need my contact page or my Foobar to be recommended reading.

FaceBook has also opened up the plugin so programmers can contribute code to it. This is a good move and I might sound like I’m complaining but if I could programming I would be trying to help make it more user friendly.

Overall I was disappointed but it’s just the beginning of this plugin.
I strongly believe that this plugin will be the first step towards the Adsense killer for bloggers. I have no insider scoop but if you know your stuff you propably figured that out too.

I went back to syncing post via Facebook Simple Connect but I do use the comment system from the new plugin.
They should just hire that Otto guy.


Social media integrated comment systems just give them the damn keys to the car!!

Internet Login systemsSocial media is still in it’s infancy & one of the things that I actually like is sites that have comment systems where users can login via their Social Identities. It provides webmasters a way to cut down the number of people leaving idiotic & rude comments. It also cuts down on spam. I’ve created user generated content sites since 1999 & if people posting know that their real world friends can see their online behavior they at least generally act well more moderate. Continue reading “Social media integrated comment systems just give them the damn keys to the car!!”

Facebook has finally killed the Mail Tomo – Hooray!!

Facebook has solved the mystery of the universe for Gaijin in Japan & how to NOT become a Mail Tomo.

Being a 15 year veteran in Tokyo I’ve seen lots of things. Being bilingual opened dialogue with a variety of Japanese people & experiences I may not have gotten to experience otherwise. At various points in my life I’ve had different groups of friends. At one point I was mainly around Japanese who couldn’t speak English. At this point I had a choice on whether to struggle trying to get people to understand English or to just speak Japanese. It’s during this segment of my life I discovered that God awful experience that every gaijin has gone through. Continue reading “Facebook has finally killed the Mail Tomo – Hooray!!”

New Startups Please register your .jp, .cn, & .co.kr

Thinking about starting a Global SNS or startup? Read this first.

Get Your Dot JPA lot of technology companies think of going global from the start. One problem that affects many is getting relevant domains. If you have a really unique made up name please go & register the domains for global expansion. If you don’t do it there will always be some Japanese guy who will register the .jp because he thinks he can sell it to you.

It’s happened to so many companies. Even if you sue to get the domain it still can hinder your growth. I moniter the .jps frequently and even though it was never publicized this is what happened to Google’s YouTube. I know there was a Japanese guy’s name on the registration for YouTube.jp & when it went over to Google then they started to promote YouTube.jp.

The price is not as high as you think. Most of the English sites have .jp at $100 because they know companies want them eventually. It’s half that price on any Japanese site so please know you are getting robbed. I’m hoping this site to be a hub for those wishing to venture into Japan. So if you’d like advice or anything just go to my page on FaceBook or LinkedIn & message me.

Get it before others do.

Tokyo Media War Facebook is attacking the City!!

I guess we’ll have to face it. This week we can officially say that Facebook will start to lay claim to the media market in Japan. I know that most you will immediately say to yourselves “Isn’t Facebook already in Japan?”. Well Yes but technically no, well not really. Continue reading “Tokyo Media War Facebook is attacking the City!!”

Twitter Support is good for IDNs

I’ve been going through development routines with some of my IDN sites.

One of them has a great twitter following & I’m going through the motions of seeing how are IDNs technically working with different platforms.

Twitter has a few issues with short URLs & IDNs also on the mobile site with iPhone.

I’ve contacted Twitter support & great news is, they are very open & willing to resolve these issues. I’m still communicating the issues with a tech support person. The positive is that they will listen & try to resolve the issues.

Again with sounding like a broken record. If we invest in IDNs because we believe they are useful wouldn’t it be in our benefit to develop & get these kinds of issues resolved? By adding Social media tactics to my idn strategies I’ve doubled traffic in a very short period.

I can do a lot to resolve issues with technologies Japanese might use. My reason for writing this is because others invest in markets where there are other media platforms that might have compatibility issues. Most technologies have a feedback or support contact form. Use it. Domains are not just for buying & selling. They are for use. Let’s get problems out the way if we can.

IDN Development is needed for IDN Progression

IDN Development is needed for IDN Progression

I personally believe that development is needed for IDNs to progress. I know, I know I always say this.

Currently I’m updating a few Japanese IDN sites I have. In doing this there are still technical issues with some technologies. As I go through this I want to check what is compatible & what’s not.

How would tech companies know that their technology is not compatible with IDNs if we don’t develop & let them know?

This is really a big one for me.
Remember when Google Analytics had a bug that was showing almost all IDN traffic from IE was coming from IE6 but other domains had a great mixture of IE6, IE7, & IE8? I contacted Google made them aware of this got the fix posted it here & now it’s actually fixed in Google Analytics.

Here’s my post about it.
I was in contact with them a year before I posted that.

This still needs to be done & still needs to be done openly. The recent issues I’m going through are with Twitter & Facebook. They both have done great jobs at being IDN friendly but some compatibility issues still exist.

1. In Twitter with the Twitter shortener it turns the IDN domain back to Punycode. That’s not cool.
2. On Twitter iPhone app if you have an IDN domain in your profile it displays as %/ etc. That also is certainly not good.

Things like this needs to be reported. When I started developing IDNs Google didn’t give PageRank to IDNs. This was a Google bug they didn’t know about. I even wrote on Matt Cutts blog about this. Currently there are IDNs with PageRank (unfortunately PageRank doesn’t matter anymore).

I already know that some may say Twitter, FaceBook, & Social Media aren’t relevant. They are to advertisers. They are to the people who maybe interested in IDNs in the future.
We have so many great domains in people’s hands but also so many just sitting with 2003 thoughts about the market & marketing.
I want people to be prepared to answer questions from potential buyers.
If I buy this domain can I use it in “Widgets” Campaign or are there any incompatibility issues?
A potential buyer might actually be turned off by “Well I don’t know” or “That’s for you to research”. Some of us have been holding IDNs for 5 to 10 years. You should know, actually we should care & be proactive. Even if it’s little by little.

As always this is my opinion I think I’ll have a few new IDN projects to display over the next few months.

Linkedin for Domainers

I’ll be honest & admit I was totally against putting my profile on linkedin. Recently I’ve had a change of heart.

As being owner of a few sites that were created with user generated content since 1999 there is one thing that I would have loved to have from the beginning. User transparency. For the web user of course I understand they want privacy. For the webmaster they would love if their was a bit of transparency for the user.

Linkedin changes that. It really proves credibility. For the domain world if someone talks about SEM/advertising/ marketing & they work as a security guard, it makes you realize should you be taking this guys advice on how advertising works? As far as bloggers, there are some that are good & do self marketing & I do give them credit.

But realize someone who owns domains, & has no experience in marketing isn’t instantly a digital marketing expert. Sorry just as you should I only connect with people I’ve actually met & work with.

Linkedin is a very good way to show your status.

I would love to make a professional site where each user logs in with their Linkedin profile. Even if it was a private site. Imagine how real the members would be if you can see their experiences in life.