WIXI next domain auction October 1st (Japan time)

WIXI’s second monthly domain auction will begin on October 1st 2011 Japan time. There are actually a few monthly auctions in Japan but WIXI’s platform has domains coming from 3 auctions. You can bid on domains from WIXI, Humeai, & Rat.

These three services usually catch the top dot jp domains IDN and non IDN. It seems like powerhouse GMO might be dropping domains that it can’t monetize so last month I was able to get a great domain like Boston.jp which I lost out to them 2 or 3 years ago. WIXI caught the domain & I won it in the first auction for only 21,000 yen (about $250)

If you have any features you think would improve the system let them know.

The auction will be at this location in a few days.

Finally completed a great set of IDN pairing

As readers of my blog know even though I have dropped a lot of domains in general I love GEO dot jps.

I especially love the fact that there is a possibility I can pair the domains. In dot com I can’t imagine being able to get both Kyoto.com & the IDN for it. I have been able to pair up & get both romaji (Western spelling) & Japanese for a few great global locations.

This month using WIXI my ultimate dream came true. I haven’t been registering or buying almost any IDNs but I did win Boston.jp in an auction this month. I already owned the IDN version. It only cost me 21,000 yen  (about $270). This was the second time I tried to get this domain since I started pairing cities. So now I have really good complete st of major cities I have personal interest in.

New York City
Los Angeles

Now if Edwin would trade me his IDN version of Vegas for my IDN version of Roulette that would be great.

Next month at the beginning of the month there should be another Auction by WIXI. I’ve gotten what I really wanted so I’m not worried about competition. The auction has a few hickups but with feedback they fixed the errors & streamlined.

Domains sales IN Japan

I realize many do not know that there are domain sales going on IN Japan by Japanese.  There has been sales on going for years now. Most people just don’t know where.

Even though this blog is IDN Talk I do not only have interest in promoting IDNs. I am heavily involved in ways of making domain marketing useful for the Japanese market. This includes dot com, dot jp IDN or romaji.

This month WIXI started their new auction platform which I tested out. I’ll write a review about it later. If you used it & have feedback or concerns please do email the team at WIXI they appreciate the feedback.

They have been documenting sales by their system so far.
Out.jp – 300,000 yen ($3,870)
NiceFuture.JP – 35,100 ($452)
YAMAGATA-NET.JP – ¥41,100 – $530

These are only example
More are here


These are not the only sales either. These are sales by WIXI.
Other platforms in Japan currently do not list their sales outside of their systems.
Non IDN .jps are actually selling in Japan.

Value Domain gets bought by GMO

It seems that Value Domain the cheapest domain service offering dot jp to us for only 640 yen each (roughly $6 way back before the dollar fell) has been bought & has become a subsidiary of GMO. GMO has bought up most of the independent domain services in Japan.

Currently with Value Domain I can still renew my dot jps for 640 yen that I registered before the price change. No speculation that it will change but you never know.

The guys from WIXI also had a very successful domain company that GMO bought years back.

The market looks good for the next few years. The ad industry is doing well. The yen is strong. We finally have a domain selling platform & parking service.

WIXI launches first domain sales platform in Japan

WIXI just announced it has taken it’s domain services to yet another level by creating the first open domain marketplace. There are a few Japanese domain selling service but all of them either only sell their own domains or do not have a platform to encourage sellers.

This is great for the market & I might hold on dropping some to list here.

WIXI announces the launch of a new Domain Marketplace in Asia.

WIXI’s new site allows domain owners from around the world to buy and sell domains with a focus in Asia.  It has the largest selection of .JP domains available and full IDN (Internationalized Domain Names) capabilities.

The new site has world-class functionality with Domain Escrow services fully included to allow buyers and sellers of domains to easily, quickly and safely perform buy and sell transactions. It also incorporates a new .JP Drop-Catch ordering cart, allowing international buyers to participate in catching the best .JP domains as they become available.

The site is fully functional in both Japanese and English, helping bridge the language gap between international users, and bringing more buyers and sellers together.

Since 2009, WIXI has become the market leader in Japan in the following areas:

– Leading Domain Parking company in Japan
– Leading Drop-Catch provider for .JP names
– Supplier of domains to Japan’s top Domain Auction sites
– Japan’s leading ICANN consulting expert, accrediting many companies in Japan

About WIXI, Inc.


Contact Information:
Matthew’s Square 2F
Shimoda 3-13-11
Shizuoka, Japan 415-0023

JPRS .JP Accredited Registrar
ICANN Accredited Registrar
Domain Name Business Association of Japan

For more information, please contact us on info@wixi.jp.

Understanding why your search volume went up suddenly

I have a few domains that are parked that the search volume has suddenly increased significantly. With this my revenue for the domains has also increased.

For example “Domain A” in  May 2010 had about 54 unique views.
May 2011 Domain A gets 3700 unique views

Or another scenerio
I got one domain “Domain B” that the average PPC was .50 at the beginning of the month.
Nearing the end of the month I start to see clicks at $1.95 (*edited a click) (Not willing to reveal domain but category is finance/money related sort of).
Do I believe that these surges means an increase in awareness of IDN Domains?
Unfortunately No.
It has no correlation if you think about it.

These two domains are parked. I have never tried to develop either of them. I have never promoted them how does the volume or CPC increase so much? How does a consumer going to a parked page indicate an increase in awareness? It doesn’t.

I’ll explain exactly what happened.

Scenerio 1
Domain A: In the Japanese market many people create free blogs, for mobile & PC. Unfortunately many will name their blog with a popular Japanese keyword & put .com or .jp at the end. These free blogs get super popular & people start to come to my domain. The other scenerio with this is people buy a nonIDN domain .jp & puts the logo in IDN Unicode form. Many of the readers of this blog do have premium domains on the same level as me or better & it should be happening to you too. So it’s actually not anything about the market.

Scenerio 2
Domain B: Those high CPCs at the end of the month? That’s an SEM thing. Usually in online advertising  budgets are based on monthly budget allocations. At the end of the month if you are underspending it is common to raise CPCs to increase your ad coverage. So this is the reason PPCs increase.

On a different note
If anyone is using Wixi in Japan
Please change your Nameserver over to fastpark.jp
They are willing to help optimize your domains for you.
There is a chance I might be getting those $1.95 clicks because of changing over to Wixi’s nameserver last week but I’m not sure. I put quite a few domains back in parking recently.

WIXI becomes sponsor of Agency Night: Tokyo

Tomorrow night’s Agency Night has added WIXI Japan’t first public domain parking service as a sponsor of the event. The team at WIXI have been adding new services & I thought it would be good for them to network with more of the Ad Industry in Japan & make personal connections. This way we all can shape the domain industry in Japan together.

Agency Night is tomorrow night in Shibuya
Sponsored by
WIXI www.wixi.jp
comScore www.comscore.com

For more info about Agency Night go here www.AgencyNight.com
or see us on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/AgencyNight

New Domain services for Japan

Just a quick note that WIXI has started to offer a more robust domain back order service with stats on the history of the domains. I’ve been talking to the Wixi team on how data like this is good for clients to see more value for the dropped domains. Currently the lists includes IDNs & non IDNs in the .jp ccTLD. I still have to do a bit of a brushup on this as I didn’t go for any drops this month. I feel I got enough in the .jp extension in great industries.

Other news is Onamae.com is for the first time offering IDNs in their monthly domain auction for domains they catch during the drop. Little by little the domain market in Japan is expanding. It will not be the same as the US because of the timing but with companies like this offering services it still will expand.

Big Rumble in Tokyo Over JPRS’s Announcement to Offer gTLD Domains

I talked to Darshaun President of WIXI, Inci & he wrote a new article over at Circle ID.
Truthfully there are only a few people that I regard to as a sempai(Senior) in Japan when it comes to domain marketing. Edwin (unfortunately we have never met), Steve & Darshaun of Wixi are amongst them. Even though I sometimes praise JPRS I understand that people like Darshaun who have to deal directly with JPRS may see things differently. In his article Darshaun talks about JPRS registering mass amounts of domains. For those in IDNs this may also refer to those prized IDNs that are in reserve status. As I keep mentioning Reserved doesn’t mean it won’t be used. They will. It just will cost.

Here’s a small quote from the article but go to the full article from the link below
WIXI’s homepage: www.Wixi.jp
& also follow WIXI on Twitter: twitter.com/wixijp

“Whereas we hear about the “bottom up process” throughout the domain industry around the world, we have a “top-down”, “dictator-style” registry model in Japan. Let’s take a look at how this evolved. Up until the year 2000, JPNIC (a not-for-profit association) was the organization which managed all domains and IP addresses in Japan. In the latter part of 2000, JPRS was established as a for-profit Japanese corporation which was given the task of launching top-level .jp names and over the course of several years, taking on management of all .jp domains. The Japanese government blessed this arrangement by approving the transfer and giving approval to ICANN. At that time, JPNIC was given the task of “over-seeing” JPRS to make sure their activities were in the best interest of society, business, technology and the government. But this was just the beginning of where the situation gets extremely interesting. JPNIC and some of its employees became share-holders of this for-profit monopoly called JPRS, becoming a band of share-holder brothers, self-supervising themselves, and in the meantime, receiving governmental monopoly protection.”


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