IDN Domain names & Google Page Rank

IDN Domain names & Google Page Rank

Currently there is a massive surge of registrations of IDN domain names. Since there aren’t really many quality Parking Services for many are currently just floating in cyberspace & not connected to anyplace.

Since buying my collection of IDN domain names I started to wonder how far as the search engines like Google, Yahoo, & MSN gone along with development of the use of IDNs. I also started to notice one vital thing.

There aren’t any IDN domains that displays Google PR. Initially I started to think that perhaps it just hasn’t been figured into the whole PR scheme yet, but Google is usually ahead of the game. IDNs actually do show up already natively in search results we found out at IDN Forums.

After a few weeks of thinking about it I came to a conclusion. I believe that perhaps IDNs that are linked to each other produce PR. I threw a lot of backlinks to my テレビゲーム.com enough to get it at least a PR 4. After the Google update, not even a PR1. It stayed at PR0. Then I thought about another domain I had that was encoded shift-JIS (Japanese encode). The backlinks I gave it was almost all UTF-8 or regular English based encodes. It stayed without pagerank for years. Then I changed it over to UTF-8. It shot up to PR4 at the next update.

It’s only a theory because I can’t find an IDN domain with PR yet but I belive if IDN domains backlink to each other it will produce PR.

Disclaimer: I wrote an article like this on a popular SEO Forum & every poster misunderstood IDN to mean a foreign domain extension like .jp or Those are not IDNs. An IDN is a domain name that is displayed in another language like Japanese アニメ.com  ( Anime . com )

What are IDN Domains? (International Domain Names)

What are IDN Domains? (International Domain Names)

An IDN or International Domain name is a domain name that can be represented by a users native language. When most people think of internet domain names they automatically assume it should be an English based domain. The fact is that English based alphabet is not the easiest way to remember a web site’s URL for every potential user in every country.

This is where IDNs come into play. an IDN allows an individual to purchase a website name exactly the way they would write the name in their native language. Since my other language is Japanese I will use Japan mostly in my examples.

The average Japanese user has studied some English but it is not a given that they can look at a domain name in English & remember it, or figure out what it is supposed to be. When a non Japanese person studies a language like Japanese initially we are given a guide to pronounce the word with English text. Japanese have absolutely no use for writing Japanese words with English letters unless it may possibly be a place, city, or town. It’s a fact if you ask a Japanese person who can’t speak English to even spell their name with English letters it actually takes some time for them because they are only used to explaining the Japanese characters for their name.

With an IDN instead of having a domain name like: (which is a translation for celebrities)
A use can just have 芸能界.com
One big advantage is the term geinokai can be written
geinokai or geinoukai with English letters & both are actually correct for nonJapanese who might write it after hearing the dot com name most Japanese are confused on how to write it with English letters.

Having the native Japanese characters (IDN domain) just simplifies everything for the Japanese user. Also it is absolutely simple for the average Japanese person to remember the IDN URL. People outside of Japan will think of these domain names as foreign domains but they will become the standard in Japan in a few years.

Black comedy: The Maya thang…

As I’m in the middle of putting together a project I thought I’m change up & write some pure black comedy… Well with a twist since I’m in Japan.

I think of all the intelligent people that I’ve met one person really sticks out. That’s this guy I knew named Char’s girlfriend Maya. The reason why she stick out is because she was about as smart as two rocks. He wasn’t too much smarter for staying with her but I’ll continue.

One day Maya got jealous over Char’s watch because he made a bet with her & said if he looses she could have the watch. So a few days later she told him if he wants to stay with him he has to give up the watch.

I had to ask… Just why does he have to give up his damn watch?
She said because he got it as a present from someone & it’s important to him.
Now I looked at Maya & noticed that she had on a Gold chain with her name on it, a gold chain with a cross, & 2 Luis Vuitton bags that she always carried around. So I asked her, where did you get your stuff? She said “My ex boyfriends gave them to me”. So I asked her “so will you give up your stuff too”?

She said “No I don’t have to… My stuff means nothing to me”..

I just had to tell her. Do you ever think a mofo might actually want his stuff cause it’s his or it’s nice or he might just need his watch?

She said “That can’t be”

So Char asked me what should he do later. I said he should put the bitches stuff outside the house, change the locks & pretend he never saw her before, but unfortunately he just couldn’t do it.

Then I asked him if there was anything that she said was ever precious to her. He said a guy she used to go out from Texas gave her a bracelet that she she kept. So I told him what to do.

When he came home from work they had dinner then she started to argue after he just checked the time on his watch. He then told her OK I’ll give up the watch but on one condition. She said then if you give up the watch you have to give it to me. (Good thing I prepared him for this). He said ok but you have to give me something too.

She said “I can give up anything because this stuff means nothing to me”. You want my bag, you want my chain?????

Char told her “No I want the bracelet the guy from Texas gave you for your birthday”….
Maya suddenly stopped… eh… huh…
the bracelet???
Um I got to find it. I eh… don’t know exactly where it is.

Well after that Maya never bothered him about the watch again. Char still comes to work late everyday but at least he know’s he’s late.

And Maya, Char they eventually broke up. Maya once told me I’ll never be able to make it as a designer because I can’t do flash websites.
When was the last time you went everyday to a website that was moving & flashing & playing music… Almost never right?

Then I asked her well what about you what you gonna do with your life?
She said I’m going to go to Graduate School in the U.S.

All I thought was how the hell could a girl who went to College in Japan lived in Hawaii for 3 years going to a language School & lived in the States for 2 more years going to a LANGUAGE SCHOOL & still CAN’T SPEAK ENGLISH AT ALL possibly think that she could ever go to GRADUATE SCHOOL in the U.S.

She then told me “I can’t speak English because of Char”.
I said what?????

She said “Yeah he understands Japanese so I can’t speak English in front of him”

I said “WHAT?????”

I said “What language does he usually speak to you in?

She said “English”

I said “What???????”

“And who’s fault is it you can’t speak English???”

“It’s Char’s fault….”
(Me) ?????????? ….?????? What?????
I said “Anyway…. if you did get into graduate school what the hell would you study? I don’t think they have a “Shibuya University with School of Buying Cute Shoes” in the States.

She said “I’m going to study Color”

I said “Color as in interior decorating”?

She said “No just Color”

I said “as in Red, blue, green, purple type of stuff”

She said, “Yeah”

I said “…… ……. ….. color?”

“And who’s going to pay for you to live & study… Color… In the U.S., aren’t you over 25 already?

She said, “My parents”

I said “Dang you better be a sales person if you convince your parents to let you waste their money studying “color”. If I was them I’d give you paint bucket, a gift certificate to a hardware store, & tell you to get a damn job…..