When can we expect .日本?

If you are using a domain service in Japan you may have noticed that all of them have notices for maintenance going on monthly. I expect that this if for the anticipated new .日本 IDN CCTLD.

An associate of mine used a domain service I wasn’t familiar with. After looking at the site I found .jp related news & updates.



Maybe I just missed it but it states second half of 2011. I hope it’s wrong & at least it debuts summer time. I expect JPRS to try to do some promotions since they have been receiving all this domain money for years.

Here’s the link to the original article

JPRS only company to submit application for .日本


After reading a bit more I went to the homepage of the  Japan Internet Domain Name Council.

I read a post that states the deadline for the application was the 16th & after looking again & noticed it showed the number of applicants.

応募者数  : 1社

Number of Applicants: 1 Company

I thought I read it wrong or something. This is great hopefully they quickly launch & give me my

ダイヤモンド.日本 (Diamond)
格安旅行.日本 (Cheap Travel)
格安ホテル.日本 (Cheap Hotels)

& I thought this day sucked.

*** Update after thinking about it. If only one company applied the company that everyone else thought would get it anyway. Then why did they make us wait this long? They could have just cut to the chase.

Let’s see who’s domains become examples for dot Nihon. I might try to pretty a few up.

Aside from JPRS who could run .日本 ?

I don’t post much about .日本 mainly because there’s a lot that lead up to finally getting there & JPRS has been burnt in the past by promoting IDNs.

I just wonder looking through one of the JPRS sites & seeing that there is a deadline until the 15th of the most to try to run the .日本 registrations.

There’s only 2 companies I could think of remotely interested in this & big enough to do it right. That’s JPRS or GMO. Personally I don’t “think” GMO would run it because of the hassle factor. Many companies are now recovering from last years economic downfall & still want to be a bit streamlined. Either way they make money if JPRS gets it & starts promoting .日本.