Japanese Prefecture IDN Domains are hot

Japanese Prefecture IDN Domains are hot

Picked up this week on DNJournal 8 of the 47 Japanese Prefectures were bought as a package deal by IDN Forums member Alphamale for $15,000. These domains are sought after because the dot jp equivalents are reserved by the Japanese Registry.

The sale of 東京.net started this uproar of domainers seeking country. city, & State domains in native languages with it’s sale of $10,000 by IDNForums member Rubber Duck (formally known as DWrixon).

There are still 36 Prefectures left in the dot com extensions. I believe IDNForums members actually own a large percentage of them. I myself own the IDN Domain for Kyoto Prefecture.

Let’s see where these sales end up in a years time.

(Article corrected originally 11 of 47 Prefectures was written but it was actually