Google Japan Train ads with IDNs

This morning while taking the train I shot a quick video with the train ads with IDNs in the search results. Currently Google is doing a tie up with Hotpepper for the content & because of HotPepper there are thousands of restaurants using IDN.jps for their site listings. I’ll try to get a better version later (& long). For now here’s a quick look. The zooming up was not done by me it’s in the commercial. If you repost I’d appreciate if you credit my blog. Thank You


Google train video ads feature IDNs

I was riding the train when I noticed that video ads for Google for their Gourmet services commercial featured a lot of HotPepper’s IDN URLs in the results. I’ve searched & searched but I’m not able to find that video in the Google Youtube channel. I’ll try to take a video of it.

I guess I’ll have to make a new category for the blog “IDNs in Media” or something like that.