Steve Karnas of Wixi & Ed from Namedrive Interview in

My good friend Steve Karnas was interviewed on You can see the interview from the link below. Good to see the people in Japan who are active in domain being recognized. Congrats Steve…  We are always talking about ways to expand the market from years back, Wixi really helps & already is making strides.

You can go to Wixi’s Site at

Wixi Japanese domain parking service get’s promoted on NameDrive’s site

NameDrive came out with an official post about Wixi. The very first domain parking program for Japan. This is something that we in Japan have needed for years. Let me get this straight though. There are domainers in Japan. Many have frustrations on having to use English interfaces to park their domains. Others simply don’t park.

Now that Wixi is here I know it will expand the market. There’s a team of really good guys behind Wixi. If you want to see who two of the team look like read this post. We hang out in Tokyo last month.

You can Get to Wixi from Here

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