Japanese domains that sold in January 2014

Dot JPHere’s a list of sales in Japan of Japanese domains from the registrars.

I’ve decided to keep track for all of you that’s interested in how much transactions are going on. Each most the domain services put up all the domain drops they’ve caught.

The big winner is gaboratory.jp which most likely was a mistaken drop & sold for over a million yen.
* All of these domain sales were through public auctions & not person to person sales. Currently there isn’t a way to identify person to person private sales in Japan.

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A few of Olney’s Japanese IDN’s for Sale

Here a few Japanese IDNs for sale. As many of you know I don’t really list too many of my domains for sale. So if anyone reading my blog is interested. Feel free to email me or use the contact form here. These are a few domains that I really see that I won’t develop any time soon as they don’t fit in the batches I want to develop.

アイコラ.com $5,000 Idol Collage – high searched adult term referring to Japanese idols heads on nude bodies I might own the .jp too
胸チラ.com $5,000 – Nip Slips – high searched adult term
ブックマーク.com $5,000 – Bookmark actually has daily typein
ジュース.com $5,000 – Juice – main term for juice
ウーロン茶.com $2,000 – Oolong Tea – really popular tea for Japanese

顎.com $500 – Chin (I was thinking of plastic surgery when I registered this)

自動車趣味.com $500 – Automobile Hobby (Overture used to be super high)
スポーツ新聞.com $500 – Sports Newspaper (Overture was super high)
テレビ局.com $2,000 – TV station (High Overture probably still)

Message me from now till end of July. I might do a deal on a few but these are my base prices.
Also I don’t list anywhere except for my blog for right now for these. I can also look up the current Overture search queries for the terms.