9 differences with Facebook Japanese users

Facebook_Japanese_FanI will state that I have two Facebook accounts. My accounts were created before Facebook let you filter posts to people so I have one which contains all the folk I knew in the US as a kid spanning Boston, Georgia, NYC, & California.

The other account is friends in Japan, lots of artists, coworkers, & personal friends.
Since I have these accounts separated I can clearly tell you there is a difference in what I see or don’t see with Facebook Japanese users. Continue reading “9 differences with Facebook Japanese users”

Facebook Japan & Dentsu renews Exclusive advertising contract for 2012

Facebook & Dentsu renews Exclusive Premium advertising contract for Japan.

Over the weekend I heard that Facebook has just renewed it’s contract with Dentsu the largest advertising company in Japan. This means that all Premium Advertising & future Mobile Sponsored Stories will have to be coordinated through Dentsu or Cyber Communications (CCI) Dentsu’s subsidiary. Continue reading “Facebook Japan & Dentsu renews Exclusive advertising contract for 2012”

Japan’s Social Sphere flairs up as Zuckerberg does a surprise visit to Tokyo!!

Mark Zuckerberg shows up in Tokyo

Facebook help their second event in a month a Facebook Mobile Hack event two weeks after their Facebook FMC event. This time Facebook had a surprise guest. Mark Zuckerberg in the flesh.

I could see quite a few personal friends commenting that Facebook might only cater to engineers since a lot of us paid more than $500 to attend Facebook FMC just two weeks ago. Asia as a whole is expanding for Facebook & technology ties is an important element for growth. But yeah I wanted to get to mingle with an under 30 Billionaire too so I understand friend’s comments.

Since I’m not there you can see pix from Asiajin’s blog.



(Update here’s a photo of Mark Zuckerberg & Japan Prime Minister Noda)

Mark Zuckerberg in Tokyo, Japan with Prime Minister Noda

Facebook Japan

Facebook FMC, Tokyo Japan Otsukare!!

Here’s a few pix from the Facebook FMC event

On Friday Facebook held not only it’s first major marketing event in Tokyo but it’s first event outside of the US. The event was packed with a variety of marketing professionals.  I ran into top level people in digital advertising on the agency side, personal client consultants, & even a few people who make a living through their Facebook Pages. The event did cater to everyone.

The event started at 10:30am in Mid Town Hall hosted by Japan growth manager Taro Kodama. Each 45 minute session was filled with insights to Facebook’s strategy, it’s global background, & Taro even gave an insight to exactly what the local team has been doing. Continue reading “Facebook FMC, Tokyo Japan Otsukare!!”

New Premium Advertiser on Facebook Japan: Google!

I started to notice lately that Google is advertising Facebook here in Japan. I’ve seen a few blogs write about Google advertising things like Chrome to boost downloads, or I could even see the possibility of them promoting the Android marketplace a bit more here.

What is a bit shocking to me is Google is advertising Google Adwords! Facebook is about to open up Facebook Japan so I think the timing is a bit odd. Once there is a dedicated team here in Japan from Facebook well Google’s territory gets just a bit smaller.

I manage both Paid Search & Paid Social Media ads for clients & fact is Social Media budgets don’t just appear out of thin air. It will most likely come from Search or other digital activities but… Probably Search.

The ads are giving away 3,000 yen vouchers for Google Adwords. I thought it was maybe an affiliate or something but these are Facebook Premium Ads. Starting at over $20,000 it’s most likely this was a campaign by Google Japan.

I have ads also for Google Apps in the screens. Enjoy.

Here’s the screens.