Tokyo Media War Facebook is attacking the City!!

I guess we’ll have to face it. This week we can officially say that Facebook will start to lay claim to the media market in Japan. I know that most you will immediately say to yourselves “Isn’t Facebook already in Japan?”. Well Yes but technically no, well not really. Continue reading “Tokyo Media War Facebook is attacking the City!!”

New Premium Advertiser on Facebook Japan: Google!

I started to notice lately that Google is advertising Facebook here in Japan. I’ve seen a few blogs write about Google advertising things like Chrome to boost downloads, or I could even see the possibility of them promoting the Android marketplace a bit more here.

What is a bit shocking to me is Google is advertising Google Adwords! Facebook is about to open up Facebook Japan so I think the timing is a bit odd. Once there is a dedicated team here in Japan from Facebook well Google’s territory gets just a bit smaller.

I manage both Paid Search & Paid Social Media ads for clients & fact is Social Media budgets don’t just appear out of thin air. It will most likely come from Search or other digital activities but… Probably Search.

The ads are giving away 3,000 yen vouchers for Google Adwords. I thought it was maybe an affiliate or something but these are Facebook Premium Ads. Starting at over $20,000 it’s most likely this was a campaign by Google Japan.

I have ads also for Google Apps in the screens. Enjoy.

Here’s the screens.



IDN Development is needed for IDN Progression

IDN Development is needed for IDN Progression

I personally believe that development is needed for IDNs to progress. I know, I know I always say this.

Currently I’m updating a few Japanese IDN sites I have. In doing this there are still technical issues with some technologies. As I go through this I want to check what is compatible & what’s not.

How would tech companies know that their technology is not compatible with IDNs if we don’t develop & let them know?

This is really a big one for me.
Remember when Google Analytics had a bug that was showing almost all IDN traffic from IE was coming from IE6 but other domains had a great mixture of IE6, IE7, & IE8? I contacted Google made them aware of this got the fix posted it here & now it’s actually fixed in Google Analytics.

Here’s my post about it.
I was in contact with them a year before I posted that.

This still needs to be done & still needs to be done openly. The recent issues I’m going through are with Twitter & Facebook. They both have done great jobs at being IDN friendly but some compatibility issues still exist.

1. In Twitter with the Twitter shortener it turns the IDN domain back to Punycode. That’s not cool.
2. On Twitter iPhone app if you have an IDN domain in your profile it displays as %/ etc. That also is certainly not good.

Things like this needs to be reported. When I started developing IDNs Google didn’t give PageRank to IDNs. This was a Google bug they didn’t know about. I even wrote on Matt Cutts blog about this. Currently there are IDNs with PageRank (unfortunately PageRank doesn’t matter anymore).

I already know that some may say Twitter, FaceBook, & Social Media aren’t relevant. They are to advertisers. They are to the people who maybe interested in IDNs in the future.
We have so many great domains in people’s hands but also so many just sitting with 2003 thoughts about the market & marketing.
I want people to be prepared to answer questions from potential buyers.
If I buy this domain can I use it in “Widgets” Campaign or are there any incompatibility issues?
A potential buyer might actually be turned off by “Well I don’t know” or “That’s for you to research”. Some of us have been holding IDNs for 5 to 10 years. You should know, actually we should care & be proactive. Even if it’s little by little.

As always this is my opinion I think I’ll have a few new IDN projects to display over the next few months.

Mixi New Design Coming Next Month

Mixi the largest SNS in Japan posted an annoucement that the PC version of the site will be updated on January 6th 2010. Thr timing makes perfect since because traffic in Japan will be down from January 1st to the 4th because of New Years Holiday.

Mixi the largest SNS in Japan posted an annoucement that the PC version of the site will be updated on January 6th 2010. Their timing makes perfect since because traffic in Japan will be down from January 1st to the 4th because of New Years Holiday.

Some of the improvements include

Profile changes updates shown as icons to other users

Comment history from community posts, & other people’s posts will go together. (separate might have been better)

My Mix feed a feed of changes updates that friends have made.

For being a long time user of Mixi I think recently they’ve been adding a bit too much features & not concentrating on improving features. They once had a place where I can keep notes on the people who I am connected with & easily write something like user “Far X” is My friend Yugo & when he changes his Icon which never is his face & the user name I can still understand it’s my friend Yugo. They got rid of this memo feature which was very useful.

They also can update the event or community features. Or how about search through your My Mixi to manage the friends? I have 990 people do they know how hard it is to find just one person especially on mobile?

Anyway Mixi will continue to do well I don’t think facebook or twitter will take away from Mixi. Something made in Japan can though.