New Geo Domain Association IDN Friendly?

DN Journal just posted about a new GEO organization for publishers Geo Publishers. One quick thing I noticed that could be helpful is that they will not be only .com based. This means there is a possibility for IDN & international focused GEO domain publishers to join. Their annual membership fees also aren’t too high just $395 for non dot coms. The problem is I’m not sure if this is per domain or not. Also what about if you own IDN dot coms.

Most likely they will clear this up. Good luck & hopefully a few IDNs Geo sites will get developed & benefit from their knowledge.

DNJournal article

Japanese Prefecture IDN Domains are hot

Japanese Prefecture IDN Domains are hot

Picked up this week on DNJournal 8 of the 47 Japanese Prefectures were bought as a package deal by IDN Forums member Alphamale for $15,000. These domains are sought after because the dot jp equivalents are reserved by the Japanese Registry.

The sale of 東京.net started this uproar of domainers seeking country. city, & State domains in native languages with it’s sale of $10,000 by IDNForums member Rubber Duck (formally known as DWrixon).

There are still 36 Prefectures left in the dot com extensions. I believe IDNForums members actually own a large percentage of them. I myself own the IDN Domain for Kyoto Prefecture.

Let’s see where these sales end up in a years time.

(Article corrected originally 11 of 47 Prefectures was written but it was actually