Value Domain gets bought by GMO

It seems that Value Domain the cheapest domain service offering dot jp to us for only 640 yen each (roughly $6 way back before the dollar fell) has been bought & has become a subsidiary of GMO. GMO has bought up most of the independent domain services in Japan.

Currently with Value Domain I can still renew my dot jps for 640 yen that I registered before the price change. No speculation that it will change but you never know.

The guys from WIXI also had a very successful domain company that GMO bought years back.

The market looks good for the next few years. The ad industry is doing well. The yen is strong. We finally have a domain selling platform & parking service.

Aside from JPRS who could run .日本 ?

I don’t post much about .日本 mainly because there’s a lot that lead up to finally getting there & JPRS has been burnt in the past by promoting IDNs.

I just wonder looking through one of the JPRS sites & seeing that there is a deadline until the 15th of the most to try to run the .日本 registrations.

There’s only 2 companies I could think of remotely interested in this & big enough to do it right. That’s JPRS or GMO. Personally I don’t “think” GMO would run it because of the hassle factor. Many companies are now recovering from last years economic downfall & still want to be a bit streamlined. Either way they make money if JPRS gets it & starts promoting .日本.