I saw a white Unicorn – An adwords ad with ALL UPPERCASE Display URL

A few months ago Google sent out a notice that there would be a change concerning the display URL on adwords. The notice stated that there would no long be any custom formatting of the display URL on Google Adwords text ads. This was actually the 2nd biggest change I can remember that happened concerning the display URL on Adwords. The first was the final landing page & the domain in the ad had to match.

I can understand the direction Google went with this in terms of quality assurance. For example
You see an ad with a display URL of www.PayPaI.com at quick gland it looks like Paypal but it isn’t it’s paypai.

Tonight I was a bit supprised going through my Gmail where the ads certainly come from Google’s Display Network.

There I saw it a white unicorn. Grazing on the side of my inbox. Just like most people who saw bigfoot by mistake I didn’t take a screen picture & opened another email.

What I did do is remember what the ad was for & copied the ad text from the company’s organic listing & emailed it to myself.
Then we have the white unicorn again….
Now all I want to know is “how the heck did they do it????”

The rare all uppercase display URL
ALL Caps Adwords Display URL

Google Content Network becomes Google Display Network

Google has announced that the Google Adwords Content Network has now become the Google Display Network. In Asia most search marketers upon hearing this news will probably say to themselves “Oh yeah it can handle image ads” & go back to having media reps handle display within specialized networks.

Even though my job function is Paid Search this year I have gotten more familiar with Display advertising. Google as a whole is a bit hands off & ad agencies make Google the bulk of it’s money. The Display networks in Japan do have very good sites in the networks & offer really good support to agencies.

I think the renaming doesn’t make sense currently unless they are about to integrate DFA more into the Adwords Content system. I think it would have been fine for Google to just have Google Display Network & Google Content Network.