Japanese domains that sold in January 2014

Dot JPHere’s a list of sales in Japan of Japanese domains from the registrars.

I’ve decided to keep track for all of you that’s interested in how much transactions are going on. Each most the domain services put up all the domain drops they’ve caught.

The big winner is gaboratory.jp which most likely was a mistaken drop & sold for over a million yen.
* All of these domain sales were through public auctions & not person to person sales. Currently there isn’t a way to identify person to person private sales in Japan.

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Why is Japan taking so long to implement IDN extensions?

Why is Japan taking so long to implement IDN extensions?

For being one of the few IDN investors residing in Japan that blogs in English I think I can give a unique perspective on the issue of IDN extensions in Japan. I am aware that other countries have applied for IDN extensions but it seems like Japan has not been so quick to respond.

I think what we need to do is look back at the history of Japan & IDNs as a whole. Japan registry was completely full blown out with promoting IDNs when launched. This also came at a time when they also launched .jp extension. Before this to own a Japan domain the only option was a co.jp & it had to belong to a company. A company is only allowed one. You choose the wrong name, or other situations like you change what your company offers & you were screwed. For the co.jp it was mainly just the company name no extras.

Then .jp came along IDN & ASCII. If you look at my attached chart both did actually very well until, well until people figured out that the IDNs couldn’t be used because of the domainant browser IE6 wasn’t IDN compatible. This killed it as being something JPRS could be bullish on with advertising. Looking at the data both would have done well if it wasn’t for Microsoft & IE6.
What went on at that time was that domain services had to make multiple changes to their systems just to prepare for IDNs in the first place. From speaking to the Wixi team Darshaun & Steve , they went through hell making technology compatibility changes. After all the changes the domains even thought they were bought couldn’t be used properly until now.
Now fast forward to 2009. We now have IDN ccTLDs & Japan is seemingly slow to respond. Word that I’ve heard from people who actually went to ICANN meetings is that supposedly the extensions were supposed to come out late this year. I realize in other countries they are implemented already. The companies that control the domains in Japan are very strong companies here. I believe they want to wait till the system is right until they start changing technology again like years ago. I know many domain investors etc think “Oh it’s easy”. The reality is saying its easy & being the one to do the actual work is different.
I haven’t pried to ask friends about when the system will be applied for or complete. It will come & a lot of the people who read my blog already have good premium IDNs in dot jp. I’ll update on this when I can but I think they just want to get it right this time.

The IDN jp stats are here