MIXI one of Japan’s first major Social Media to merge with…

MIXI company merger
Mixi company merger

MIXI Japan’s internet giant & one of the largest native social media sites has agreed to a merger with istyle. The two companies will merge under the Vantage brand.

istyle has been successful especially with it’s cosmetics portal site @Cosme which is the number 1 cosmetic site in Japan. The company merger & employee transfer will take place by March 2014.

MIXI actually did change the way Japanese utilized the internet. It was one of the first success SNS sites in the country.

My personal opinion is that it had a lot of great features that are not on other platforms but most of them were taken off the site. Perhaps it will be one of the few SNS’s to have an actual second coming.

Here’s the official press release in Japanese.

Maimiku Boushu Chuu
*Credit to Katsuya :-p