Japanese domains that sold in January 2014

Dot JPHere’s a list of sales in Japan of Japanese domains from the registrars.

I’ve decided to keep track for all of you that’s interested in how much transactions are going on. Each most the domain services put up all the domain drops they’ve caught.

The big winner is gaboratory.jp which most likely was a mistaken drop & sold for over a million yen.
* All of these domain sales were through public auctions & not person to person sales. Currently there isn’t a way to identify person to person private sales in Japan.

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New Startups Please register your .jp, .cn, & .co.kr

Thinking about starting a Global SNS or startup? Read this first.

Get Your Dot JPA lot of technology companies think of going global from the start. One problem that affects many is getting relevant domains. If you have a really unique made up name please go & register the domains for global expansion. If you don’t do it there will always be some Japanese guy who will register the .jp because he thinks he can sell it to you.

It’s happened to so many companies. Even if you sue to get the domain it still can hinder your growth. I moniter the .jps frequently and even though it was never publicized this is what happened to Google’s YouTube. I know there was a Japanese guy’s name on the registration for YouTube.jp & when it went over to Google then they started to promote YouTube.jp.

The price is not as high as you think. Most of the English sites have .jp at $100 because they know companies want them eventually. It’s half that price on any Japanese site so please know you are getting robbed. I’m hoping this site to be a hub for those wishing to venture into Japan. So if you’d like advice or anything just go to my page on FaceBook or LinkedIn & message me.

Get it before others do.

Domains sales IN Japan

I realize many do not know that there are domain sales going on IN Japan by Japanese.  There has been sales on going for years now. Most people just don’t know where.

Even though this blog is IDN Talk I do not only have interest in promoting IDNs. I am heavily involved in ways of making domain marketing useful for the Japanese market. This includes dot com, dot jp IDN or romaji.

This month WIXI started their new auction platform which I tested out. I’ll write a review about it later. If you used it & have feedback or concerns please do email the team at WIXI they appreciate the feedback.

They have been documenting sales by their system so far.
Out.jp – 300,000 yen ($3,870)
NiceFuture.JP – 35,100 ($452)
YAMAGATA-NET.JP – ¥41,100 – $530

These are only example
More are here


These are not the only sales either. These are sales by WIXI.
Other platforms in Japan currently do not list their sales outside of their systems.
Non IDN .jps are actually selling in Japan.

Value Domain gets bought by GMO

It seems that Value Domain the cheapest domain service offering dot jp to us for only 640 yen each (roughly $6 way back before the dollar fell) has been bought & has become a subsidiary of GMO. GMO has bought up most of the independent domain services in Japan.

Currently with Value Domain I can still renew my dot jps for 640 yen that I registered before the price change. No speculation that it will change but you never know.

The guys from WIXI also had a very successful domain company that GMO bought years back.

The market looks good for the next few years. The ad industry is doing well. The yen is strong. We finally have a domain selling platform & parking service.

New Domain services for Japan

Just a quick note that WIXI has started to offer a more robust domain back order service with stats on the history of the domains. I’ve been talking to the Wixi team on how data like this is good for clients to see more value for the dropped domains. Currently the lists includes IDNs & non IDNs in the .jp ccTLD. I still have to do a bit of a brushup on this as I didn’t go for any drops this month. I feel I got enough in the .jp extension in great industries.

Other news is Onamae.com is for the first time offering IDNs in their monthly domain auction for domains they catch during the drop. Little by little the domain market in Japan is expanding. It will not be the same as the US because of the timing but with companies like this offering services it still will expand.

2nd Year in a row .jp safest domain extension

.Jp was named the safest domain extension according to McAfee Inc report.

.Jp actually a lot more expensive when buying in English, but way cheaper when registering in Japanese so it’s not really attractive to Spammers. Also if the content isn’t in Japanese the site may not show up in search results so most .jp sites are very well used. Now we just have to work on layouts & ease of use & we’ll be perfect.

The original report by JPRS is here おめでとうございます!!


JP Domains price going up

Last year I was told by my friends at Wixi that the .jp IDN price was just a campaign & it will end. As cheap as I’m getting them I thought nah… You gotta be joking. Alas it’s true. Prices will be raised this month. Fortunately I’m monetizing my domains a bit better now & should have done better development earlier. So it offsets the increase quite a bit.

You have more to offer is you can offer potential users of your domain marketing stats. Trust me.

.jp Registry having issue

I usually renew my domains on the last day. Especially my .jps Anyone with .jps expiring this month please start to renew now. It literally took me 10 minutes for each domain to renew. There are connection errors so the longer you wait there’s a possibility that there could be more errors. I don’t want any of you guys to loose domains you’d like to keep. So renew now.

Domain Pairing 2010 with ccTLDs

One of the reasons why I really like .jp is there is actually space for me to get the domains I actually really like & want to develop. Recently is a new first for me. I have 3 domains for one online service I want to make. All .jp & all make sense.

The first two were registered by me long ago.
The IDN & Latin Letters
Atlanta.jp & アトランタ.jp, I’ve yet to figure out which will be main.
Then I got the ultimate abbreviation ATL.jp in a drop. I couldn’t believe I could be so lucky.
This domain can be used as a shortner or even addition to branding.
Or used as a redirect for users, or an additional email address.

We have to remember domains are best if they can be developed. This is why I do pairing. I want to make sure I control the brand. I have quite a few domains in JP that I bought just to pair them together for development.

Why is Japan taking so long to implement IDN extensions?

Why is Japan taking so long to implement IDN extensions?

For being one of the few IDN investors residing in Japan that blogs in English I think I can give a unique perspective on the issue of IDN extensions in Japan. I am aware that other countries have applied for IDN extensions but it seems like Japan has not been so quick to respond.

I think what we need to do is look back at the history of Japan & IDNs as a whole. Japan registry was completely full blown out with promoting IDNs when launched. This also came at a time when they also launched .jp extension. Before this to own a Japan domain the only option was a co.jp & it had to belong to a company. A company is only allowed one. You choose the wrong name, or other situations like you change what your company offers & you were screwed. For the co.jp it was mainly just the company name no extras.

Then .jp came along IDN & ASCII. If you look at my attached chart both did actually very well until, well until people figured out that the IDNs couldn’t be used because of the domainant browser IE6 wasn’t IDN compatible. This killed it as being something JPRS could be bullish on with advertising. Looking at the data both would have done well if it wasn’t for Microsoft & IE6.
What went on at that time was that domain services had to make multiple changes to their systems just to prepare for IDNs in the first place. From speaking to the Wixi team Darshaun & Steve , they went through hell making technology compatibility changes. After all the changes the domains even thought they were bought couldn’t be used properly until now.
Now fast forward to 2009. We now have IDN ccTLDs & Japan is seemingly slow to respond. Word that I’ve heard from people who actually went to ICANN meetings is that supposedly the extensions were supposed to come out late this year. I realize in other countries they are implemented already. The companies that control the domains in Japan are very strong companies here. I believe they want to wait till the system is right until they start changing technology again like years ago. I know many domain investors etc think “Oh it’s easy”. The reality is saying its easy & being the one to do the actual work is different.
I haven’t pried to ask friends about when the system will be applied for or complete. It will come & a lot of the people who read my blog already have good premium IDNs in dot jp. I’ll update on this when I can but I think they just want to get it right this time.

The IDN jp stats are here