Yahoo Japan’s Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool stops updating stats

Yahoo's Keyword Tool
Who said the Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool was dead?

Yahoo’s Japan’s Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool has stopped updating stats finally it seems. Now I know quite a few of you are thinking this must be an old post or something that was just reposted from 2007. No it’s currently 2011 & Obama is the president of the USA. There has been actually several Keyword Suggestion Tools since the public & overused Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool vanished around 2007 but it seems no one writes about them.

The old Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool was pretty much a staple for too many marketing tools. If the tools were used for advertising that would have been fine but many of the softwares using the tool wasn’t geared towards paid search. It was used as an SEO tool and also benchmarks for domain stats.


In 2007 Yahoo launched the first new Keyword Suggestion Tool as they promised when they shut down the old one. Everyone was happy to hear that, business as usual right? Wrong. The first tool was agency only. Each person who used it had their own individual logins. Also there was never any press release on it. Agencies used it & kept quiet. Why not? This is the tool that finally is not being updated anymore.


So I know you’re wonder how do agencies get their data now? Well that tool to us was “So last year”. We already have a new tool by Yahoo! Japan. This tool also is schedule to be updated tremendously in Fall 2011. You want to know more about this tool?

Keep reading from time to time I’ll tell you all about it.

Yahoo Japan’s New Keyword Advice Tool 2010

The Overture Keyword Tool was killed off more than 3 years ago. The tool’s data was used by online business owners, internet marketers, domainers, & just about everyone else who needed to know the search volume of their target keywords.  The tool’s data was also integrated into plenty of various business’ tools.

Even though the tool was used by so many, the ratio of Yahoo’s paid clients to users who used the data varied a lot. So Yahoo made a decision to kill the tool with the promise it would come back later. Well about a year later or so it did come back. Yahoo smartened up though. Yahoo realized that Agencies gave them most of their business revenue so they made the new tool available to Ad Agencies that ran Paid search campaigns. I think I’ve had access to the Yahoo Japan tool for more than 2 years now. This new tool was really accurate on impression volumes from the previous month & would give keyword ideas & traffic click estimates.

Going back to 2 months ago I was attending a Yahoo Japan seminar for Agency workers & they informed us about yet another Keyword Advice Tool coming soon. This tool finally debuted this month. Summing it up in one word: BRAVO!! These are the new features that are absolutely amazing & useful

1. Search Volume from previous month
2. PPC Competitor level
3. Estimates/Volume based on Exact Matches or Broad
4. Estimates for only Listed Keywords (Only Google’s Traffic Estimator does this & the numbers are way off)
5. Include related keywords
6. Daypart Data
7. Gender breakdown
8. Location Breakdown
9. Age Breakdown
10.  Day of the week breakdown

This new tool was made domestically by Yahoo Japan & really gives Ad Agency’s a clear advantage in the detail we can now research better keywords for our clients. I’ve told our Yahoo Reps that come to GroupM how much I love the tool already but this is a public Thank You.. You guys did a great job. I would imagine that next the tool will include Mobile data. I can’t see what else I could need after that.

Where dost thou IDN traffic come from?

Where dost thou IDN traffic come from?

One of the key things I really remember from many domainers is the term “type in traffic”. Working on client campaigns online I’d probably be fired if I told them that they are getting conversions from type-ins. This would actually only lead to more work for myself if the domain is not their brand name. To be honest, to be totally honest, I don’t believe in type in traffic. I do believe in keyword redirects because of browsers. I do believe in users typing in a keyword & domain extension because they saw it before. I do not believe in people spending their day typing in a keyword, putting a domain extension at the end, pulling out their credit card & making a purchase.

Being the person running campaigns for clients & doing analytics for the results, I always look at my domains & want to see why the high traffic Japanese IDNs get their traffic. I want to share a few techniques with you to see how you can determine where your traffic is coming from.

1.    In & search for the term with the extension with & without exact quotes. Sometimes there’s a site that has a really similar name or even so the exact name. I have at least 5 .jps that some companies have gotten ASCII domains & branded the site as my IDN domain.
2.    Use this tool
Put in your keyword & it will give you what the letters are in Romaji (Roman alphabet). Use this to search for the keyword & extension. Also if it’s a dot jp be sure to look for, also.

Sometimes a keyword does have redirect traffic because it’s just that big of a keyword. A few of my domains like Anime had over 1,500,000 search queries on Yahoo last month. I think when I first registered the domain it was an average of just over 1,000,000 queries but these kinds of keywords Apple’s safari browser still redirects to the dot com. The keywords that Yahoo queries are over 1,000,000 search queries a month will have browser redirected traffic.

This may not apply to every market but I hope you can take these techniques & make your portfolio better. After you know where you are getting traffic you may be able to optimize it’s potential.