These are the people on the interwebs!!

Fred-Rogers-3These are the people on the interweb, on the inter web, on the inta~weh~eb, these are the people on the inter web. They folk that you see each day!!

With the creation of Social Media, the web has transformed the internet to be a place where everyone truly has a chance to have an actual voice. I’ve been creating sites since 1998 & realize that people will use the internet in the way that caters to them.

This is a list of the folk I see & their function to the interweb Society of the world
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What do Domains have for competition?

2010 is not the dot com bubble era. I wanted to show what are the areas where domains compete with other marketing tactics. Since I work in advertising I can see where the money is spent by companies. Ten years ago there was money spent on TV, Newspaper, banners, magazines, radio, affiliate, search ads, & outside advertising. 2010 is a new ballpark for advertising. With a lot of the traditional ad a domain would be used differently then than it would be used now.

In 2010 advertisings are going more & more digital: Search Engine Ads, Banner ads, retargeted campaigns, affiliate, social media marketing, blog marketing, online video marketing, analytics, SEO, LPO, and our favorite behavioral targeting.

With a lot of these new online technologies becoming available & needed the marketing people have to try out a lot of techniques to see what works for their company needs. The end result is always one thing Success. How you measure Success is different for every company but that is the goal.

With domains we must leverage what that company or industry needs to gain success. How big is that industry? How competitive is that market? How web savvy is that market?

Marketing budget needs to be looked at. Social Media does not rely a great domain. Your twitter account has a URL, so does facebook. These things impact the decision to buy domains at $500,000. I would be more willing to say it would be good to make a service using the domain & attach like 40,000 people interested in that theme. Or even more. I’m not a disbeliever in domains but I’d just like to open the door to let people see where the money is going. A million dollars can connect directly with many users directly using search & social media. If it’s a huge budget then yes buying a domain is a great option. As before it is not the “only” option. (If you quote me please remember I stated “only” option).

Anyway I with those who are investing in  IDNs to please stick with generic commercial terms. Domains where you can clearly see how they can be used. It7S a fight…